The Marriage Blog Week in Review for April 14-20

In case Spring Fever bit you hard and you’ve been out enjoying any nice weather in your area instead of keeping up on Lyn and I’s musings, here’s your handy Week in Review to catch you up on what we wrote about on: Monday, April 14 Already this year I learned what “Love Is” from members and decided to note some of their secrets and lessons I’ve learned. Because of a book she’s reading and learning from, Lyn wondered where are your priorities? The ones suggested in the book came as a shock to her and she explained why. … Continue reading

Infidelity: Insult and Injury

In Does an STD Make the Crime of an Affair Even Worse?, I pondered just that. As deedee1231 pointed out, it probably doesn’t make it worse, it just adds insult to injury. I believe that. Yet when I wrote that article I didn’t think beyond an STD as a consequence of an affair that might add insult to injury. But then the whole prostitution scandal with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer happened. Except, before I could ponder how he not only embarrassed himself but his poor wife and that’s certainly a huge insult too, my mom fell sick. I … Continue reading

Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” Controversy

Last week Oprah did a show called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2.” I don’t know if she had the “Part 2” planned or not. From the previews it kind of sounded like they did it in response to all of the responses Part 1 generated. It was the previews that caught my attention. Since I wasn’t going to be able to watch the show when it aired, I recorded it. Saturday while Wayne and I were hanging out to nurse Murph, he was flipping through our recorded programs on the DVR and saw the Oprah … Continue reading

What To Do When You’ve Got a Crush on Someone Other Than Your Spouse

On my article Are Crushes Natural?, a reader left a comment about how she’s happily married but developed a big crush on someone else. She even tried to hook the guy up with an available friend, but that only made her think about him more. She admitted she knows she needs to stop thinking about him, but also that she hopes the friend and him decide not to see each other again. Yikes. That’s a tough situation to be in. Now some of you will take objection to that and say “If she’s so happily married, why would another man … Continue reading

Indecent Proposals

The other day Lyn wrote “Do People Really Go Looking for an Affair?” As we so often seem to manage, once again her and I are on the same wavelength. I was thinking along similar topics lines myself recently. I had to take my car into the shop on Friday to get an oil change and have the engine shield fixed. (I think it’s called an engine shield. It’s on the underside of the car, and I’ve scraped it one too many times pulling too close to curbs. Oops!) Anyway, while I was waiting I read the paper. I think … Continue reading

Rebuilding a Broken Trust

One of the hardest things to do in your marriage after lies, broken promises or infidelity invade your relationship is to rebuild your trust. When I was single, I used to wonder why you would want to rebuild trust if it had been so completely disrupted – but marriage is a complex relationship. You can love someone like crazy and get hurt because of something they did and struggle with all your might to repair and rebuild your relationship because loving someone means loving all of them – flaws included. No, it isn’t easy. Repairing your relationship may be one … Continue reading