Sandborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online

Have you ever looked at a Sandborn Map? The University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library recently added more of them to its digital collection of historic maps. Genealogists can use these maps to learn a little bit more about their ancestors, especially if those ancestors lived in Utah. The Sandborn Maps are a series of maps designed by a surveyor named D.A. Sandborn. They are of commercial, industrial and residential sections of various cities. The maps were created between 1867 and 1969. The purpose of creating these detailed maps was to assist agents at fire insurance companies to determine … Continue reading

Fall Household Insurance Inventory Check List:

With the holidays looming it’s the best time to double check your photography and video equipment to make sure it’s in good working order. A great way to do that is starting a digital household inventory. By starting this project now, you will also be ready to take inventory of your special holiday items. With all the modern tools we have there is no reason any of us should put this project off. Most people reading this Blog are already talented enough on the computer to find the information you need, chat and share pictures. In order to completely understand … Continue reading

The Basics about General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance protection for professionals including the small business owners, may require two different major types of liability insurance. These two types of insurance that need to be considered: General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. Each of these types of insurance policies offer specific and important protections designed to professionals from financial loss. General Liability insurance This type of liability insurance protect professionals and organizations from the risks of being liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to someone else. If the policy holder is found legally responsible and obligated to pay someone for damages. General professional liability for … Continue reading

Summertime Household Insurance Inventory Check List

As I go along in life it seems I am responsible for more and more “stuff” some of it is the sacred and special memories, photos and family heirlooms which need to be passed down one day. Other things, are the investments I have made into decorations, furniture, and tools to make my house a home. It can be very hard for most people to remember all the little things when there is a total loss of everything. It’s important to consider our worst case scenarios and remember that it can happen to us, because it happens to someone all … Continue reading

Insurance Terms: A

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J-K | L | M | N | O | P | Q-R | S | T | U-V | W-Z AAA Insurance: Help on the Road and Beyond, AAA is well known for their roadside services including towing as well as their trip planning tools. Today AAA offers a wide range of insurance products. Accident: Is an unforeseen, unexpected, or unintended event. Accidental Bodily Injury: Is the physical injury caused to someone resulting from an accident. Accidental Death Benefit: For a … Continue reading

What is Insurance Fraud?

Do you know what insurance Fraud is? This seems like a silly question, most of us should know what the word Fraud means–after all it was one of the basic skills we learned way back in grade school. Only at that time we called it cheating, or lying. The standard dictionary definitions all say just about the same things, fraud is the intentional perversion of truth (a lie) to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right. (To get something we want which usually has some value) In the business of insurance fraud falls … Continue reading

The Top 10 Small Business Insurance Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s this is a quick list for the things every small business owner wants to consider when it becomes important to insure for the risks we need to have covered. #1 Think about the insurance issues during the start-up process of your new business and have applications and insurance policies issued when needed. If there are partners be sure to ask for a buy-sell agreement and use life insurance to fund the agreement in the event one of the partners were to die. #2 Find an Insurance agent who can service all of your small business and personal lines … Continue reading

Small Business Insurance: Basics

Most business need a certain amount of Insurance in order to protect their company from liability or other risks. A new small business might need just a few key insurance policies in order to safely start and conduct business. But, as a company grows or employs more workers other insurance products and policies are going to be important. Some of the Key Business Insurance Products Growing Business Might Need: Business Overhead Expense Insurance: This is like business disability. The policy is designed to pay the costs of a business when the business owner is disabled. Business Life Insurance: Is Life … Continue reading

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Adjusters are the insurance experts who negotiate and settle insurance claims. Adjusters make the authorize payments to appraisers and assess to value of the loss. Adjusters may work with insurance investigators to address any issues a claim may have when there’s a question of liability or possible insurance fraud. Adjusters work with Insurance Agents, and companies in order to determine the extent of loss when a customer has a claim. Agents and companies report the policyholder’s claim to the company claims department, where an adjuster is assigned. Adjusters then work directly with the insured policyholder. They inform the insured which … Continue reading

Insurance Review and Update: The Important Paperwork

In this series of Blogs I am sharing my own Personal Insurance Update and Review. So far I am still in the gathering stage. I am working on determining our actual Assets since this is one of the most important things for our family to protect. Now I need to find all the important papers. Lucky for me my husband files everything and never tosses out any important documents. Of course, the 15 boxes of papers we keep stored is a different issue–but, sometimes I don’t mind! When reviewing our insurance I am actually very happy to have all the … Continue reading