Partnership for Prescription Assistance Review

Everyone has probably seen the public service announcement featuring Montel Williams as spokesman for prescription assistance for people all across America. This compaing gives some information on the announcement but it doesn’t go into details. I did some research and found out a lot. There are many people without prescription coverage. They may have had the money to go to the doctor and pay for one prescription, but if someone has a disease or condition that requires a prescription to maintain their health, they may not be able to afford their prescriptions every month. In some situations, the elderly may … Continue reading

Insurance Review on Cinergy Health

What does this company offer as far as health insurance is concerned? I searched their website for more information about what they offered. It seems like it is a good answer to those people without health insurance. Health care is expensive even with good health insurance coverage. The money that comes out of pocket sometimes leaves people asking themselves why they pay a monthly premium. This particular insurance company does not offer health insurance plans. What they offer is a program that will allow you to receive a discount that Cinergy and the doctors, hospitals or specialists have agreed on … Continue reading