Interview with Danyelle Ferguson – A Mother’s Advocacy

Today we conclude our three-part interview series with Danyelle Ferguson, author of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel, a fantastic resource book for parents and teachers of children with a variety of cognitive disabilities. Danyelle, we’ve spoken about your son’s initial diagnosis of autism, and we’ve also talked about resources that helped you understand the condition and learn how to find the most joy in your mothering. What would you like to tell mothers who have recently learned that their child had autism or another form of cognitive disability? Every mother needs to know that she is her child’s best advocate. Attend … Continue reading

Interview with Danyelle Ferguson – Diagnosing Autism

Today I’m joined by Danyelle Ferguson, author of the new resource book, (dis)Abilities and the Gospel, for parents and teachers who have students with a variety of cognitive disorders. I asked Danyelle to share some information with us today. The things she shares will be incredibly useful for both homeschool and public school parents. Danyelle, when did you first realize your son should be tested for autism – how old was he, what were the tell-tale signs, etc.? Actually, we thought our son just had speech delay. Looking back now, we had a rather typical experience. From birth, our son … Continue reading