Hanging Laundry in Winter

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean that you have to use your clothes dryer. Hanging laundry saves money by reducing your energy costs, extending the life of your dryer, and extending the life of your clothing (all that lint caught in the trap comes from the fibers that are wearing away from your clothing in the dryer–scary). Invest in a Drying Rack A fold-up drying rack can hold quite a few items of clothing, and will work well for items that have to be laid flat as well as those that need to stay flat to dry. Make sure … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review for August 27th to September 2nd, 2007

After a wonderful extended holiday weekend, school is officially in full swing for everyone, even though many have been back for weeks. As summer draws to a close and fall or autumn leaves and weather start to come into focus, the focus of the frugal living blog will not change. We will continue to strive towards bringing you the best articles on saving money that we can. Frugal Fall Fun For Your Whole Family It is finally September and it is the start of my favorite time of year. I love the fall or autumn season and cannot get enough … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review for August 20th-26th, 2007

As summer is slowly drawing to a close and school is finally back in session for most children including the homeschooling families, it is the perfect time to take a look at your frugal habits. Evaluate what is going well for your family, and what might not actually be working. Some things you cannot save money on year-round. Some seasons are better than others for certain savings. Just evaluate where you are and look forward into new ways and methods to save money. Look what great ways we showed you how to save money in the frugal living blog this … Continue reading

Introducing Frugal Laundry!

Laundry is one of those things that we just have to do in life. There is something about laundry that inspires me. Not, I’m not completely nuts, but I do actually enjoy doing the laundry. I just love clean clothes. There is also something about the feel of fresh clean clothes and linens, and the mindless organization of folding and ironing, that gives me time to think creatively. Some of that creative thinking, of course, tends to focus on how we can save money while doing the laundry. So, I was really excited when we added a new category called … Continue reading

The ABC’s of Frugal Living: 26 Tips to Live a More Frugal Life

The ABC’s of Frugal Living – 26 Tips to Live a More Frugal Life The frugal living blog at families.com is chock full of great information to help you live a more frugal lifestyle. We all strive to save money and the bloggers in this category are here to help. A: Amazing Dates Have a date night for less! New Cheap Date Ideas A Cheap And Fun Date Idea It’s Date Night Date Night On a Budget B: Budgeting Make a plan and stick to it. Be sure you watch where your money goes each month and try to do … Continue reading

Save Money While Doing Your Laundry

Strangely one of my favorite chores is laundry. I have never figured out why, but its kinda relaxing for me and I can do so many other things at the same time. However, doing laundry can get expensive with all of the different products available. From detergents, to stain sticks and sprays, boosters and bleaches to fabric softener sheets, there are so many different things to try. But there are definitely a couple of ways to cut costs. Fabric Softener Sheets Do you want to make them last a little longer? Just cut them in half. Some people cut them … Continue reading

Peek into My Morning

I am always so curious for a glimpse into the lives of others. The domestic every day life of my fellow humans tends to fascinate me. I suppose that is why I read so many blogs, especially the frugal ones, of course. Sometimes I get great tips on things that I can do around my house or with my family. Other times I just have an appreciation for other ways of living. So, I thought I would share some of the things we will do today, from a frugal standpoint. This may give you a good idea of some of … Continue reading

“Redding Up” on Fridays

Fridays always seem to put me in a nesting mood in my home. I like to make sure that the house is all ready for the weekend. Maybe it is knowing that chaos generally ensues on Saturdays and Sundays, with errands, household improvements and lots of play time. Maybe it is the thought that the house should be ready for company, should any stop by. Or maybe it is just the thought of everyone being home for the weekend and wanting it all to feel clean and cozy, with all of the ducks in a row. Whatever the reason, I … Continue reading

Home Chore List

How often do you do certain things around your home to keep it clean and maintained? Are you the kind of person whose home passes the white glove test? Or do you have to do a mad grab and stash whenever you have company? Can you literally eat off off your floors, or is the stuff left in your sink gotten so large that it is planning to organize and overthrow the town? Most of us, I think, fall somewhere in between. And there are times in our lives where life gets in the way and things get messy. Me, … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Scrapbooking Humor and Jokes

It’s finally Friday, and the weekend’s upon us! I plan to get some major organizing done this weekend. Though, when I plan, I often vary from my plan! So who knows what I will accomplish this weekend. Actually, I do know some of what will happen this weekend. My camera will come out and we’re going to capture some great family memories! I hope you all do too. To leave you on a sweet note this beautiful Friday, here is some laughter for the true scrapbooker! Don’t forget to grab your camera and create some meories of your own this … Continue reading