Mental Health Week in Review: August 24-31

Men have a bad reputation for being commitment phobic, but is it really always them who are at fault? In Is Your Man Really Commitment Phobic? (1) we looked at the possibility whereby women who continually date men who “ won’t commit”, actually have a problem with commitment themselves. You can read about the story of Melissa and her problems with commitment phobic men in the above link, and how she faced the reality of her own commitment problem in Is Your Man Really Commitment Phobic? (2). We also had a five part series on the Empty Nest Syndrome. This … Continue reading

Is Your Man Really Commitment Phobic? (2)

In our last article on this topic we looked at how Melissa, a 38-year-old successful businesswoman, was having difficulties finding a man who would commit to a long-term relationship to her. One of the potential partners, James, would not commit to Melissa and also had a series of standby girlfriends when Melissa’s schedule meant that she could not spend time with him. Simon, the second of her potential partners, was so laid back in his manner that she thought he would never commit to marriage either. So how can Melissa break out of the cycle of loneliness and alienation? First, … Continue reading

Is Your Man Really Commitment Phobic? (1)

Men are renowned for being the commitment phobic partner in many relationships. But is this is always the case? Can women also be commitment phobic? Let’s have a look at the case of Melissa and her relationship history with the males in her life. Melissa is a rising star in the business world. With excellent tertiary qualifications and a successful career in public relations, she is also the possessor of quirky good looks which attract more than a reasonable share of the male market. At 38, Melissa has had a series of “relationships” and is currently juggling the favors of … Continue reading