Models Go Green

I’ve talked about some of my favorite green celebrities, but now, even models, not always known for their healthy, eco-friendly lifestyles, are going green. Supermodel Cindy Crawford is now writing a green blog for Vanity Fair. While it may seem more natural for her to be on the cover than writing for the magazine, Cindy had a green awakening after becoming a mom. She has started recycling plastics, unplugging appliances when not in use, drinking tap water, and using recycled napkins and paper towels to inspire her children to be good, conscientious citizens. Canadian model/former host of MTV’s “House of … Continue reading

Star Updates: Gisele Bundchen and Farrah Fawcett

It looks as though Gisele Bundchen may finally be getting her ultimate wish. Reports say that the supermodel is expecting her first child with husband Tom Brady. In other news, Bridget Moynahan is hoping that once Bundchen gives birth she will leave her 18-month-old son with Brady alone. I know a few people who’ll drink to that. You’ll recall that Brady dumped Moynahan right before she discovered she was pregnant with his child. The football star then hooked up with Bundchen, and the two recently got hitched twice-—once in California, and again, last month in Costa Rica. The Victoria’s Secret … Continue reading

Gisele Bundchen–Loving Stepmother or Insensitive Troublemaker

She’s a drop dead gorgeous multi-millionaire with a super star new husband, and now women of the world have one more reason to hate supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Apparently, marriage has made the rich (rhymes with witch) more arrogant than ever. If you missed the headlines (and the thousands of subsequent Internet posts), Bundchen is speaking out for the first time about being more than just a stepmom to John Edward Thomas Moynahan, the 18-month-old love child of her new hubby New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his ex-girlfriend model-actress Bridget Moynahan. In the latest Vanity Fair issue, Bundchen let … Continue reading