The Pets Blog Week in Review for February 25-March 2

Aimee and I went to town last week with a variety of articles. In case you missed any, here’s your handy Week in Review catch up cheat sheet. Monday, February 25 How do you earn a roaming stray dog’s trust? I’m trying to figure that out so I can win over the stray in our neighborhood. Aimee logged another entry in her Diary of a Cat Care B & B: how not to wash a cat. I reported on Murph’s progress with the PoochIQ test. Tuesday, February 26 Hey what’s this? I know this chick! That’s right, Aimee conducted an … Continue reading

The Tale of Excess Easter Candy

Are your kids still on a sugar high from eating too much Easter candy? On Sunday, I gave my second grader fair warning: whatever candy she had not consumed by Tuesday would be given away or made into public property. Yes, mean mommy strikes again. Listen, I am just keeping it real. Whereas I truly appreciate the generosity of family and friends, who showered my daughter with sugary seasonal treats, what I don’t need is a house full of chocolate, jelly beans and bubble gum the likes of which we haven’t seen since Halloween. Forget about Easter being a spring … Continue reading

Pets on Steroids

Last week, I took my dog Lally to the vet for help with a major allergy attack. She had been itching her face so badly that the hair around her eyes was gone and the skin was raw. Benadryl alone wasn’t doing enough to relieve the itching, so the vet brought out the big guns: steroids. Steroids are very useful for reducing inflammation, and they’ve really helped Lally with her allergy attack. Almost immediately she stopped scratching at her face and ears! She’s got a ten day course of prednisone, and the vet told me to keep up with the … Continue reading

Winter Itch

If you have dry, itchy skin during the colder months, you’re not alone. Winter itch is a relatively common complaint during the winter. Symptoms of winter itch can include: Itching (“winter itch” isn’t just a clever name) Dryness Flakiness Why is winter such a problem for your skin? This is usually the season for low humidity and low temperatures. The former is a problem because when there’s less moisture in the air, there’s less moisture for your skin to absorb. The latter is a problem because we tend to use the heat when it’s cold. That can suck even more … Continue reading

Would You Buy Your Kid a Barack Obama Doll?

Remember the stampedes that ensued when the original Tickle Me Elmo hit the shelves back in 1996? Thousands of parents pushed, shoved and pummeled their way through toy stores to get their hands on the furry red monster. Back then Sesame Street’s most famous resident was the hottest toy around. Elmo was hands-down a mass marketers’ dream come true. But this is 2008 and Elmo (even the newest version) has been upstaged by a truly historic presence. According to reports, the new Barack Obama action figure is flying off store shelves. The 14-inch plastic version of Obama is dressed in … Continue reading

“ER” Resurrects the Dead

If you vowed to never again tune into NBC’s hit medical drama ER after beloved Dr. Mark Greene (played by Anthony Edwards) was killed off in a highly emotional episode set in Hawaii back in 2002 you might want to reconsider. For its 15th and final season ER is resurrecting the dead and Dr. Greene will once again return to County General. Well, kind of. According to producers, who say they wanted to find some way to make the series’ final episodes memorable, Edwards won’t exactly be rising from the dead. Rather, he will be appearing in multiple flashback scenes … Continue reading

Create a Nostalgic Summertime Look

Do you miss the thought of lazy afternoons with gauzy curtains gently blowing in the breeze and neighbors stopping by for lemonade? Even though it is fall now, you can still create a nostalgic summertime look that will bring all of the romance of a sweet long ago summer right into your home. Fall really is one of my favorite seasons. You might not believe me, though, since I keep talking about decorating with a summer theme, such as in the earlier article, Simple Design Ideas to Bring Home the Beach. I think I love the idea of summer type … Continue reading

Author Interview: Steven Reilly, After the Championship

Today we are joined once again by Steven Reilly, assistant coach and author of the book “The Fat Lady Never Sings.” If you missed part one, click here. Steven, when we left off yesterday, you were telling us what happened to some of the key players after they won the championship. What about you? What did you do? After the 1995 season, I decided to move on and assisted at Emmett O’Brien Regional Technical High School in neighboring Ansonia. In 1997, I went to Seymour High to be an assistant coach with Bob Kelo where I continued to coach the … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review for September 3-9, 2007

It was a short week with the Monday holiday, and getting back into the swing of things again on Tuesday threw me off the rest of the week, and I was always a day behind. However, the blogs here at were still filling up with excellent articles on every topic you could want. Let’s see what happened in the frugal living blog this week. More Frugal Decorating With Flea Market Finds Lately I have been obsessed with decorating my home. Partly because we are putting it on the market, and partly because I know we will be getting a … Continue reading