Insurance Blog Week In Review February 6-12, 2007

This week in the Insurance Blogs I have focused a bit on the Business of Insurance, including some of the Career paths insurance has to offer. Next week I will be expanding on some of interesting things a person might do with an Insurance License. I have also started a series of Blogs about shopping and quoting my own personal insurance portfolio. A project I have put off for far too long. Yesterday, we were given notice that my husbands employer is phasing out the retirement pension they offer. So, now we need to add retirement options to our personal … Continue reading

Creating the Quote Request Letter: Cover Page

Welcome, to my personal insurance Review and Update! So far I have worked out the details of our Personal Assets and gathered all the relevant paperwork, and have all the current insurance policies, details, appraisals and other documentation. I won’t actually need most of this paperwork to start the Quoting process, but want to have the chance to review everything and have the papers all in one spot if we do decide to change our insurance carrier. It’s not uncommon especially for Auto Insurance to be asked to provide proof of prior coverage. I also have my household inventory completed … Continue reading

Insurance Review and Update: The Important Paperwork

In this series of Blogs I am sharing my own Personal Insurance Update and Review. So far I am still in the gathering stage. I am working on determining our actual Assets since this is one of the most important things for our family to protect. Now I need to find all the important papers. Lucky for me my husband files everything and never tosses out any important documents. Of course, the 15 boxes of papers we keep stored is a different issue–but, sometimes I don’t mind! When reviewing our insurance I am actually very happy to have all the … Continue reading

Figuring Out the Assets!

In the last Blog I wrote about the fact that It’s Time for My Personal Insurance Review and Updates. One of the most important steps to take when reviewing your personal insurance coverage it to determine your overall personal assets. I have always found Tax time to be one of the great times of the year to gather the information together and start determining our families Net Worth. It seems to older we get–the more we collect and the more we need to protect. I tend to separate my assets into several categories: Real Property that is paid off and … Continue reading

It’s Time for My Personal Insurance Review and Updates

Everyone has heard that the plumber’s house has leaky pipes, the electricians home needs new breakers and the window cleaners house has filthy windows! It always seems we do our jobs for everyone else–and often fail to do the same job for ourselves and families. In fitting with this stereotype it’s been a very long time since I reviewed and updated our family insurance portfolio! We have been with the same insurance carrier for over 7-years and we haven’t shopped our insurance around since our oldest son, Sean had that little car accident several years ago. I am also sure … Continue reading