“Big Fat Greek Wedding” Star Advocates for Foster Adoption”

I’ve written about Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigl and Madonna adopting internationally, and about Sheryl Crow adopting an infant and Sandra Bullock’s adoption of an African-American infant from New Orleans. (Breaking news on Bullock: gossip sites like “Anything Hollywood”and “igossip” are saying Bullock wants to adopt a sibling for Louis, and wants to start the process now and hope that it won’t take as long as Louis’ adoption. Bullock and her then-husband Jesse James applied to adopt nearly four years ago. I haven’t heard any mainstream verification of this, though. ) It seems rarer to hear about celebrities adopting from foster … Continue reading

Bullock Says She Now Can Celebrate Becoming a Mom Through Adoption

Many adoptive parents try to keep quiet about their adoption plans to avoid endless questions during an uncertain and possibly lengthy waiting period. Sandra Bullock may have set a record by keeping all but the closest friends and family unaware that her new son has been living with her for over three months! Bullock spoke with People magazine last week after keeping silent for weeks following revelations of her husband’s infidelity. She told the magazine that she and her husband Jesse James had been in the process of adopting for several years, and she had always thought that “her” child … Continue reading

Birthparents from the show 16 and Pregnant Have Bittersweet Moments But No Regrets

The same People magazine issue (October 5, 2009) that told Katherine Heigl’s joyous adoption story also featured an update on the adoption featured on MTV’s reality show, 16 and Pregnant. Four months after Catelynn Lowell and her boyfriend Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter with adoptive parents in North Carolina, they are starting their senior year of high school in Michigan–and coping with bittersweet moments haunted by memories of the baby who Catelynn says looks like both of them. The couple are at peace with their decision, however. They decided to make an adoption plan for their baby soon after they … Continue reading

More People-Watching (Reading)

Last week I wrote about Katherine Heigl’s newly adopted daughter, who is ten months old and was adopted from Korea. The same issue of People which told that story (The October 5 issue) has several other adoption-related stories, like the update on the teenage couple who placed their baby for adoption—and had the process chronicled on MTV’s reality show, 16 and Pregnant. I will summarize that article in my next blog. Two other stories in the issue are relevant to adoption, although not directly about it. The first of these is a profile of a mother and daughter. The 12-year-old … Continue reading