Your Marriage Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Throughout a marriage, the partners go through all different types of stages. There are times of passion and intense love when things could not be better. There are also times of frustration and dissatisfaction when things seem to be falling apart. I once heard a woman complain that her husband was boring. She complained that he only wanted to sit around on the couch and watch television in his free time. When she asked him about going out on the weekends he always had rather stay at home. He spent his days working or doing yard work. This happens in … Continue reading

Enrichment Tip: Refrain from Score Keeping

This article will identify the last tip that I will be offering for enriching the relationship that you have with your man. So far, you have stopped the mind reading games and are speaking out about the things that you need, you are supportive of the occasional guys night out (and maybe even made a dip for the card game). You have let his faults stop getting under your skin, and you have found at least one positive thing to let others hear your brag about. So your relationship is good right? However, there is one last thing that can … Continue reading

Television in Your Bedroom: Yes or No?

As a society most people feel the need to be entertained. Children are not as in tune with pretend play as they once were. We need video games, television, computers, and more. Most people do not even go for a jog anymore without their ipod. Therefore it is no surprise that televisions are typically everywhere in our homes. They can be seen in the kitchen as well as the family room. In fact while searching for hotels, one that I saw advertised that the suites even had a television in the bathroom. Many newly married couples struggle with whether or … Continue reading

Physical Effects on a Marriage

My last couple of articles have discussed some factors that can effect a marriage. The first factor that I discussed was material items. A lacking of things that a couple desires can cause stress on a marriage. The second factor was emotional. Having an emotional and with your partner is very important. This article also talked about emotional and mental abuse. In this article I will examine the effect of the physical factor. Most people understand that love and relationships cannot be purely based on physical terms. True relationships must go much deeper than the outside characteristics. Love is not … Continue reading

Emotional Effects on a Marriage

In my previous article I discussed the effect that materialistic items can play on a marriage. While we all know that love is much more important than anything that can be bought, our world does tend to be very “material” oriented. Lacking the ability to purchase items and live the lifestyle that we wish to live can cause couples much stress. The finical bind that purchases can put on a marriage can cause added stress also. In addition to the material effects on a marriage, there are also emotional effects. Emotions play a huge par t in how we respond … Continue reading

Just Because It Is Not Your Way Doesn’t Make It Wrong

Relationships of any kind are not always easy. No matter how much you love someone, there can be difficult times and sacrifices that must be made. One of the hardest things about being in a relationship for some people is learning that people are different and have differences. Accepting the new ways of others can take time and effort. No matter how compatible the two of you are, you will have different outlooks and opinions on some topics. How you handle these can make a big difference in your marriage. In some cases, these differences may be significant and hard … Continue reading

Material Effects on a Marriage

We live in a very material world. Like Barbie, there are many material girls out there. We usually give these ladies the label of being “high maintenance”. By using that term, we typically are referring to a woman who needs the best of everything. She expects to be pampered and have someone at her beck and call at all times. While not all wives fit this description, in many cases, material items do have a great effect on the happiness of a marriage. I think that we would all like to say that as long as we have each other … Continue reading

Is Your Mate a Natural Flirter?

Have you ever known a man or woman that you just consider to be a big flirt? We probably all have someone in mind. Maybe there are some people who are just natural flirters. These are the people who cannot talk without a little tap or touch and that make comments that may catch you off guard. In some cases these people may not even realize that they are sending any signals at all. These people may be very happy in their relationships and have no feelings at all for the person that they are talking to or flirting with. … Continue reading

Where Are Your Priorities?

As the readers know, I recently purchased and began reading a book called The Power of a Praying Wife. I became interested in this book after reading a comment from a reader in the forums. She had questioned about the book and its application in the lives of other couples. I then read a few chapters of the book and gave my thoughts in another article. One concept that came kind of surprising to me was in the section that deals with priorities. In this section, the author discusses how the order in which you place your priorities can make … Continue reading

Balance Your Life

One great conflict among married couples is over the amount of time that each puts into the relationship. In many cases one partner feels that he or she does a greater share of the work than the other. He or she feels that he/she works harder on keeping the relationship together. The thing that we must all learn to do for ourselves and for our family is to create a balance in our lives. We must make every effort to give all of our responsibilities the attention that they deserve. It is usually true that every woman hopes to find … Continue reading