Respond Please

I don’t get. What is so hard about saying “yes” or “no” to a party invitation? Especially if the bash is for a child. A young child who doesn’t understand why some of his friends didn’t show up for his safari-themed shindig. Or worse, why some said they’d be there, and then bailed at the last minute. Fortunately, young children are resilient, void of pettiness, unresentful… and easily distracted by cake, ice cream, balloons, streamers and presents. Especially presents. It’s the parents hosting the party who could stand to channel more of that forgiving nature. Of course, I certainly don’t … Continue reading

Birthday Photos

It’s birthday month in my family. It seems like every couple of days we celebrate another birthday. While most of these birthdays aren’t of little children anymore, it still makes me think of cute birthday parties from when we were growing up and the photos we’d (try to) take of the events. I sometimes ended up being the photographer on those events. I won’t claim to have been a good photographer then, and the photos prove my lack of experience. There are cake pictures where the only thing visible is the candle flames. There are grainy photos, dark photos, and … Continue reading

But It’s My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear me! Happy birthday to me! Yep, you guessed it: It’s my birthday. Another year gone, another year older. Birthdays used to be so exciting. I remember looking at the calendar in anticipation when I was younger, counting down the days until I got to eat cake and open presents. It was nearly impossible to go to sleep the night before. I’d wake up early, go into my parents’ bedroom, and the entire family would gather around for gift opening. I would be freed of my morning duty of making … Continue reading

How Much Did You Spend on Your Child’s Last Birthday Party?

I know it wasn’t more than $360,000. We can’t all roll like Daddy Diddy, but as parents we do want to make our children happy, and celebrating a milestone like a birthday with a big party, often means digging deep. But how deep do you dig? My five-year-old is dreaming of a huge bash to commemorate her sixth year of life (which thankfully doesn’t happen for a few more months). She has been begging for a safari-themed party at our local children’s museum. For three hours, up to 20 kids can dine on lion-shaped cake, make toilet paper roll binoculars, … Continue reading