Landscape of Flavors

Given that its opening is coming (relatively) soon, it’s no surprise that the details keep pouring in about Disney World’s forthcoming Art of Animation resort. The latest Disney Parks blog post on the hotel focuses on its Landscape of Flavors food court. I love reading about food, so I’m excited to learn more. Of course the announcement of Landscape of Flavors is all a bit grand. It plays up the restaurant, making it seem like a unique and innovative new approach to dining. Perhaps it is for restaurants in Disney World hotels. All I know is it almost kind of … Continue reading

Last Year for Grad Nite in Orlando

The high school graduating class of 2011 sure is lucky; they are the last students able to celebrate their graduation at Disney World. The official Disney Parks blog just announced that after this year Disney World has no intention to continue the Grad Nite tradition. For decades the resort has hosted Grad Nites in the spring, offering seniors an exclusive party in honor of their achievement. On several nights in late April, May, and early June, both Disney World and Disneyland open their gates for high school seniors to throw a massive party. It’s like an uber prom; celebrity DJ’s … Continue reading

Potential Expansion for Disneyland Paris

After remaining quiet for half a decade or so, construction vehicles on Disney parks are really revving up again. We have the major Fantasyland expansion currently underway in Disney World, a new Disney park planned for Shanghai, and now, a potential new theme park for Disneyland Paris. The U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper reports that Euro Disney – the European corporate branch of the conglomerate – has reached a deal with the French government allowing it another 20 years during which to build on the lands surrounding the park. The government owns all of the land around Disneyland Paris and previously only … Continue reading

La Hacienda at the Mexico Pavilion

One thing that definitely has me wishing I lived in Orlando: the restaurants at Disney World. I’m sure I’m biased, thinking that Disney’s magic would also somehow carry over to its culinary experiences, but whenever I hear about all the restaurants at Disney World I practically salivate. Mine is the unfortunate story of a girl who loves new and exotic food experiences (I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie, because I’m not particularly bothered about how fancy the food is) but doesn’t love urban life. I’m happiest when in bucolic surrounds, but obviously there just isn’t usually a great variety of … Continue reading

MyMagic+ to Record Disney Guest Experience

Disney’s always looking for a way to get ahead in its parks, including providing the best customer service around. Its constant raising of prices might seem counter intuitive to that, but at least it keeps upgrading its services.  The New York Times has a fascinating new report on the Disney Parks’ latest effort: MyMagic+. MyMagic+ takes the physical form of a wristband park guests wear in place of tickets.  Guests won’t have to trade in paper tickets anymore, instead waving their bands in front of the new FastPass monitors (even if they didn’t purchase a FastPass, those Mickey monitors are used).  MyMagic+ … Continue reading

Tickets for Special Events at the Epcot Food Festival

I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of one important element of Disney blogging: mention all Disney Parks events way in advance. Not only that, mention the dates tickets go on sale a healthy time before they do so. That way anyone interested has plenty of time to prepare to buy, if they’re so inclined. I’m really trying to keep my ear to the ground this year to find out exactly when tickets go on sale for the filming of the Christmas Day Parade. We’ve still got a while until that happens, however, but don’t worry: I’ve got … Continue reading

Disney World New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Why is it that I can find more details on New Year’s Eve events at the Disney parks than I could for Christmas? Probably because Disney kicks off its Christmas events around a month early, so the day itself doesn’t really feature anything unique. At least I can bring you scoop on Disney’s party plans for New Year’s Eve. Obviously both parks will have roaring parties all night long complete with music, fireworks, and parades. Tickets to the Magic Kingdom’s party, however, are already sold out. But the official Disney Parks blog just posted about some of the other celebrations … Continue reading

Adventures by Disney: Central and South America

This month I started my look at the unique Adventures by Disney vacation program by highlighting their trips to Asia, Africa, and Australia. This week I’d like to overview Adventures by Disney in Central and South America. Those interested in taking a Disney-led trip to Central or South America have four options: two seven-day-stays in Costa Rica, one the normal Family vacation and one the Family Signature, 10 days in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, or nine days in Peru. There actually aren’t too many differences between the two Costa Rica vacations. On both families get to visit a pineapple … Continue reading