Lance Armstrong’s Run for the White House?

I willing admit that I find Lance Armstrong attractive. How can I deny it now when I’ve already publicly professed my feelings for him in numerous blogs. However, I have never been keen on the way he handles his love life. From splitting with his wife (and the mother of their three young children) to walking out on his former fiancée Sheryl Crow, then dumping his last celebrity designer girlfriend, hooking up with Hollywood nymph Ashley Olsen and now actress Kate Hudson (who is young enough to be his daughter—okay, I’m exaggerating). All that drama aside the guy is an … Continue reading

Lance Armstrong Strikes Again

I was wondering what Lance Armstrong was doing with his free time these days… Now I know! He’s courting Kate Hudson. If there was any way to snuff out rumors that she was getting ready to walk down the aisle with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Owen Wilson, showing up on Armstrong’s arm three nights in a row would be it. It is the headline of the weekend: “Armstrong and Hudson More than Just Friends!” I’m not sure I’m buying this one. Yes, it’s hard to deny that the seven-time Tour de France winner and the actress have been getting chummy … Continue reading

How You Can Join in on Pittsburgh’s 250th Birthday Party

The Steel City is throwing a massive birthday blowout and you’re all invited. Pittsburgh turns the big 2-5-0 next year and to commemorate the occasion city leaders are hosting a series of events throughout 2008 in hopes people from this country and those throughout the world will travel to the area to help celebrate. In the process city officials are hoping to change the way people perceive the city. Tourism officials say their goal is to get visitors to realize that Pittsburgh is no longer “a smoky steel town but a city with a thriving cultural district, world-class universities and … Continue reading

Katie’s Marathon Controversy

Where there are celebrities there is controversy. And she thought she was just taking a jog around Central Park. Less than a week after actress Katie Holmes trudged 26.2 miles in the New York City Marathon her accomplishment is being tarnished by a wave of angry runners who were not allowed to compete in the prestigious running event. Tens of thousands of avid runners sent angry correspondences to race officials asking why Suri’s mom was admitted to the race when 60,000 hopefuls were denied. According to TV’s Access Hollywood Tom Cruise’s better half was allowed to run as a VIP. … Continue reading