Tips about Disney Dining Plans

If you’re planning your first time Disney trip, or are a veteran but want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation, the Disney Blog’s deals writer Chris Wood has more great tips for you.  This time around, it’s how to make the most of the Disney Dining Plan. First tip: your Dining Plan benefits start when you check in, so you can begin using them immediately, even if it’s hours until you’re able to get into your room.  This is especially beneficial to know if there’s going to be a meal time between your arrival and … Continue reading

Golden Globes: Did Jodie Foster Come Out?

Last night’s Golden Globes was a great night of pretty dresses, good jokes, lots of drinks, and a few odd moments.  I have to lump Jodie Foster’s speech under the odd category. The actress (who I think is absolutely incredible at her craft) received the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.  She walked on stage looking stunning – the blue dress was beautiful and matched her eye color perfectly.  She looked gorgeous and young, but reminded the crowd she was 50. The speech itself was rather scattered to me.  She seemed to ramble about her age … Continue reading

South Dakota Genealogy Resources

South Dakota has the nickname of “The Mount Rushmore State”. Obviously, it is because South Dakota is the state where Mount Rushmore is located. Are you looking for more information about your ancestors who once lived in South Dakota? If so, then here are a bunch of South Dakota genealogy resources that can help you. has a page that is filled with links to all of their South Dakota record collections. In order to access these collections, you must have an membership. Once in a while, a collection or two may be offered for free access. Return to … Continue reading

Last-Minute Holiday Travel Deals

  Today is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year, along with the day after Christmas and January 2nd.  If you are looking for deals on a holiday getaway, your window of opportunity isn’t completely closed.  According to travel experts, you can still score last-minute savings on flights to some destinations if you travel on Christmas day.  You can also save a little money if you take-off three or four days after December 25th. Another way to save is to book online.  Check the websites of individual budget carriers, as well as travel aggregate sites. Flying on … Continue reading

Last Minute Holiday Preparations

The countdown is on!  Are you feeling stressed, frazzled and worried that you won’t get everything done in the next few days? The holidays are just so much more enjoyable when we aren’t overwhelmed.  But sometimes we bring it on ourselves.  So to help avoid some of this, consider the following tips for last minute holiday preparations. First, plan to have more than enough food and drink if you are hosting.  This way you don’t have to be concerned about running out and you will have plenty of leftovers for the next couple of days. Second, keep things simple.  Don’t … Continue reading

Last Minute Costume?

With Halloween less than a week away, if you haven’t got your kid’s costumes figured out you’re probably running around like a mad woman trying to decide what to do about it. As a single parent it’s hard to find time for much of anything these days and spending an insane amount of money on a costume that will be worn once just isn’t an option for most of us. So what’s a mom to do? Take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered! Believe it or not you can make lots of great last minute costumes in the comfort … Continue reading

Last Minute Halloween Deals

There are only a couple of weeks left before Halloween is upon us. Now is the time to take advantage of the deals and sales on Halloween costumes, candy, and decorations. Save some money on the items that you need to celebrate this year, and save by stocking up for next Halloween. has a sale on up to 60% off Halloween costumes. This includes costumes for men, women, boys, girls, and babies. Target is selling their Halloween costumes for up to 50% off right now. They still have the handy section on their website that will sort costumes by … Continue reading

Hollywood Couples Update

As usual, there are always couple updates in Hollywood. First up, the not-so-good. He said/she said still seems to be going on between divorcing couple Seal and Heidi Klum. In fact, Seal often seems to be at war with what he himself says. At the first of this month, Seal told a TMZ reporter that “I would have thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.” The “help” he’s referring to is the couple’s bodyguard, Martin Kristen, who has been … Continue reading

Deals from Outback, Michaels, Target, and More!

Today, I’ve found some deals that are only going to last for a limited amount of time, as well as some sales that are going on for the usual amount of time. It can be exciting to find a deal that pops up, out of nowhere, that you have to use that same day. It’s also nice to find sales that you don’t have to rush to. This blog has a little bit of both for you. Outback Steakhouse posted on their Twitter page today an offer that is good for today, only. Go to Outback Steakhouse today, and mention … Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Car

You know that things are bad in your car when a ten-year-old complains that it is gross. We have had a couple of strange weeks, so my normal policy of having everyone grab at least three things that don’t belong each time they leave the car just wasn’t working. I hit the last straw yesterday when two things occurred: my daughter pulled out an old and yellowed cheese stick from behind a seat, and the carpooling kids didn’t want to put on their seat belts because they were afraid of all of the crumbs. “They are huge crumbs. It isn’t … Continue reading