Learning Social Skills in the Summer

Nothing has plagued the homeschooling movement more than the idea that a child, who is not immersed in a traditional classroom setting, would be deficient in social skills.  In fact, some families have shunned the idea of educating their children at home because they feel the choice would turn their kids into social outcasts. This is a complete fallacy. There are a myriad of opportunities for homeschooled children to learn how to get along with their peers, though, summer often provides the most varied choices.  Some of the most popular include: Camps:  Some homeschool co-ops organize their own summer camps, … Continue reading

Homeschooling on the iPad with Dew Learning

  What is Dew Learning? Dew Learning is first and only K-12 Christian Curriculum for the iPad and accessible through any internet device.  Exciting news for online learners and even more exciting for iPad owners who can take their entire curriculum with them wherever they go. Non-traditional schooling is just that…non-traditional.  Education takes place on the road, while swinging in the backyard, at the dinner table, library or a restaurant.  Now you never have to leave books behind or break your back trying to carry it all.  Dew Learning comes on the most portable device on the market to give you ultimate … Continue reading

A Journey Through Learning: Poster Contest!

A Journey Through Learning is an amazing educational resource for those who focus in lapbooks for homeschooling and for those who just want to mix it up a bit and enhance their study with a fun lapbook. If you are new to lapbooking then A Journey Through Learning is the first place you should start your adventure! The lapbooks are creative, easy to use, and priced just right! Visit the site for tips on lapbooking and see all the fun ways you can experience this fun way of learning. As July 4th approaches, our patriotic minds are set on celebrating … Continue reading

The Pocket Bible Doodle Book

Book: The Pocket bible Doodle Book Publisher: Zonderkidz Ages Level: 8 and up Cost: $9.99 Book Synopsis: The story of creation, Noah’s ark, the plagues, and more make this Bible-based collection of doodles fun for everyone. With lots of room to design, every doodler will have endless hours of creating and learning. What I Love: I love the entire Doodle Book series. I think it was a genius idea. I am not much of a doodler but two of my children love to doodle and color. I love the quality of the book from the strong binding to the thick … Continue reading

The Beginner’s Bible: Book of Prayers

Book: The Beginner’s Bible: Book of Prayers Publisher: Zonderkidsz Ages: 2 to 5 Synopsis: The Beginner’s Bible Book of Prayers is a great way to teach preschool age children to pray while introducing them to Scripture. Each prayer is accompanied by a suggested Bible verse to read and a character from the Bible with whom they can relate. The Beginner’s Bible collection is known for bright colorful illustrations and a message that makes children more aware of God and Bible stories. The Book of Prayers is another delightful book in the series with twenty prayers written in easy to understand … Continue reading

Learning to Simplify

Life is more complicated than ever before. Most homes have two incomes and if not are caught in a constant struggle of making ends meet. Kids are involved in sports, music, social activities, art classes and anything else they can be signed up for to ensure they are fit for society. Our homes are filled with computers, laptops, furniture, books, curriculum, magazines, toys, gadgets, and everything new or sentimental we cannot throw away. Our lives are filled with obligations to family, church, friends and finding a way to keep our heads above water. We are all busy and we are … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: Adverntures in Mommydom

Ticia, from Adventures in Mommydom, includes everyone on her adventures homeschooling her three kids. Her desire to homeschool stemmed from the desire to provide a solid individualized education for her individual children. No cookie cutter school systems for her and I have to say I admire that attitude. Ticia has a wide range of interests and hobbies which makes her blog full of interest and fun. The blog design is fun, colorful, yet easy to read and navigate. The content is fun, engaging, and like sitting down and talking to an old friend at the library. I added in library … Continue reading

How Well do YOU Know the Bible?

A recent survey found that mormons know more about the Bible than catholics, or other protestant religions. Interesting huh? This survey also found that atheists and agnostics know more about major world religions than those of other faiths. Is this surprising? I’m not sure if it is, but I do find it very interesting. Many times, our church is accused of not even believing in the Bible at all. But, we are encouraged as members of the church to read, and know all works of scripture. Books that we believe are scripture include both the Bible and the Book of … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: Spell Out Loud

This week I want to feature Spell Out Loud a homeschooling blog authored by Maureen Spell a homeschooling mom to six children. Maureen’s blog is full of activities and ideas that will inspire you and spark some creativity into your homeschool. You will find toddler and preschool arts and crafts, lapbook projects, reviews, digital scrapbooking and free printables. When you visit her blog you are entering a delightful world of arts, crafts and home school knowledge. Her blog is easy to navigate with many interesting posts and sections. I love her Toddler Time because she shows you how to engage … Continue reading

Learning from the Bible

In the letter to the Philippians, Paul and Timothy labeled themselves as servants of Christ? Is this the way we would describe ourselves? Their message is to the Philippians but it applies equality as much to us Christians today. Paul thanked God for the church at Philippi and the company of believers, Philippians 1:3. How long since we remembered to thank God for our church and the people in it? Do we take time to thank God for those people who are special to us? Are we, like Paul and Timothy and the Philippians, participating in the spread of the … Continue reading