A Trip around the World

I was brought up with homeschool, and I have very fond memories of taking trips around the world. Not in real life, but on paper. First, we chose where we wanted to go. It could be anywhere—the sky was the limit. My favorite trip was to England. Then we would get a book about that place and decide what we wanted to see while we were there. Now, with the advent of the Internet, you don’t even need to go to the library—all the information is on your home computer. After we decided where we were going, we’d think about … Continue reading

Learning Unit – Japan and Natural Disasters

We have all watched the news reports from Japan with horror and sadness. Some of us have children old enough to understand the ramifications, and some of us have children too young to comprehend. I suggest using this monumental event in our world’s history as a study unit in our homeschools. Geography –pull out maps or our globe and discuss where Japan is, what its major cities are, and learn what other countries surround it. Social Studies – learn about the culture of Japan and what makes it such a strong, proud country. Learn to make some traditional Japanese dishes … Continue reading