At the Midwife’s

When our first child was born a few years ago — and what a wonderful son he is — we employed a midwife for our care and the delivery. This was a remarkably fortuitous decision as hospitals have always made me uneasy. In contrast to the sterile hallways and the smell of bleach (something that has always put me off) we were able to spend the labor and the birth in a home with a nice bedroom, plenty of room to move, and zero pressure to do anything we didn’t want to do. I cannot tell you how wonderful it … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Blog Mid-Month Review

We’re halfway through the first month of the year, and already have touched on some interesting topics! I’ve really enjoyed reading everyones comments and hope that we can continue discussing pregnancy-related issues so openly. We opened the month by talking about pregnant bellies in Let’s Talk About Handling Unwanted Belly Touching. Let’s Talk About Handling Unwanted Belly Comments got several comments, and I’m not surprised – it’s a serious issue for many pregnant women. If you’re looking for help in choosing a baby name, Let’s Talk About Naming Your Baby offers plenty of suggestions – some well-known, and some not … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Who to Include at Your Homebirth

Giving birth is no doubt a personal and intimate time for a woman. Perhaps you already have an idea of whom you would like present at the birth of your child. Even more important is to decide whom you do not want present, for your comfort is the most important factor to consider. Sometimes there are people that are very eager to be present, but you aren’t comfortable with them being there. You will have to determine the best way to explain this to them, and remember that it is ultimately your decision who is there. If there are certain … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Interview – With the Midwife

I conducted an interview with Eileen Denomme, a local homebirth midwife, to get an idea of what midwifery is all about. Here is what she had to say: Me: What led you to midwifery? Eileen: I think it was a combination of having 4 children born at home, and noticing the huge contrast between those and the hospital births my friends and family members were having. Eventually, people were asking me to attend their home births, and after 3 years of observing the senior midwife’s role during prenatals and home births, putting in my college studies and reading midwifery text … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife

Apart from fees and insurance inquiries, there are many questions to consider when seeking midwifery care. Consider asking the following questions when interviewing a homebirth midwife: 1) How many births have you attended, and how many were successful homebirths? What is your rate of transfer? Do you transfer if the mom desires pain relief, or only in emergencies? 2) Do you have references that I can contact? (It is always a good idea to call a few of the references provided.) 3) What are your expectations of clients during pregnancy? (This will probably be included in the provided reading material. … Continue reading

Prenatal Care FAQ

Q: I’m pregnant! How long does it take to find a OB/GYN or midwife if I do not already have one? A: It depends on how much research you want to do. I would start with referrals from friends, and then I would call and talk to the nurses to ask their opinions. I found my OB/GYN through the recommendation from a nurse at his clinic (where there were multiples doctor’s practicing) who said he had great bedside manner. She was right! I researched and called around for a few hours over the course of two days before I found … Continue reading

Who Should Deliver Your Baby?

When I was searching for a health care provider at the beginning of my pregnancy, I chose a obstetrician without a second thought. The list of covered providers for my insurance did not include any midwives and I assumed that using one would require giving birth at home. My impression of what home birth might look like did not seem appealing at all. The decision at the time was easy. Since then I have learned more about certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives. They are trained to respond to complications in labor and delivery, and consult with physicians when appropriate. They … Continue reading