The Importance of Pregnancy Support Groups

If you’re pregnant and feeling uncertain, or even if you feel great about pregnancy/childbirth, I still have an important recommendation: try to find a support group.  Not necessarily one called “pregnancy support group,” but try to find a group of other veteran, new, or expecting moms to spend time with. The support that’s offered just from spending time with others in the same boat, or who have been through it recently, is invaluable.  A lot of the weird things about pregnancy can be less alarming if you have others to talk about them with, who can say: “oh yes, that … Continue reading

Finding Support During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has the potential to be a very emotional and stressful time. There are so many things to learn, to prepare, to accomplish and to arrange. You must deal with your changing body, your changing wardrobe, your changing job situation and your changing family. Your stomach is growing, your appetite is growing, your wash load is growing and your wallet is shrinking. There has never been a more important time to surround yourself with positive support. Where I found support when I was pregnant: My mom(s): My mom and my mother-in-law were both so supportive during my pregnancy. They took … Continue reading

Pregnancy Chic

“PREGNANCY CHIC: If you’ve got it, flaunt it: That was the new ethos of the pregnancy experience, with chic clothes that emphasized the bulging belly, personal pregnancy photos, and endless coverage of celebrity pregnancies.” That excerpt is from Jocelyn Noveck’s (AP National Writer) story from last week, entitled “50 Things That Changed Our Lives This Decade.” I’m not going to lie, ten years ago I was getting my driver’s license and pregnancy was the last thing on my mind. This new age of pregnancy is the only way I’ve ever known. I never thought twice about posting pictures of my … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Blog Top Ten – Ways to Achieve a Normal Birth

TEN: Allow labor to begin on its own. Getting induced with Pitocin tends to lead to further complications and more painful contractions. Inductions should be reserved for medical indications only. NINE: Allow yourself movement. You’ll be more comfortable if you are able to move freely during labor. Your labor will most likely progress quickly if you are able to keep active and respond to your labor pains by changing positions. EIGHT: Say no to routine interventions. Ask for intermittent, instead of constant, fetal monitoring. Having belts, cords or wires on your person can tie you down and won’t allow you … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Dealing with Grief from Birth Loss

Having something other than your ideal birth can be a painful experience, especially if you truly desired to deliver naturally. Often, women who end up with an emergency c-section feel a sense of guilt, loss, and even failure. Or perhaps it wasn’t a cesarean that you or someone you know is grieving over, but an intervention that you desired to avoid. Sometimes opting for pain-relieving drugs can make a woman feel like she had less of a birth experience than she desired to. My first delivery went very well, and was a successful homebirth. I was very proud of myself, … Continue reading

Can’t Find A Parenting Support Group? Start Your Own

If you can’t find a parenting support group, why not start your own? When I first became a mother I searched high and low for a support group for new moms. I was surprised when I didn’t find one in my immediate area. There were stand-alone parenting seminars but I wasn’t able to find an ongoing support group. When one of the local hospitals added a new women’s center, I was certain they would offer a support group, but they didn’t. Then it dawned on me that maybe I would just see about starting my own. Then Katrina blew in … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Interview – With the Midwife

I conducted an interview with Eileen Denomme, a local homebirth midwife, to get an idea of what midwifery is all about. Here is what she had to say: Me: What led you to midwifery? Eileen: I think it was a combination of having 4 children born at home, and noticing the huge contrast between those and the hospital births my friends and family members were having. Eventually, people were asking me to attend their home births, and after 3 years of observing the senior midwife’s role during prenatals and home births, putting in my college studies and reading midwifery text … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife

Apart from fees and insurance inquiries, there are many questions to consider when seeking midwifery care. Consider asking the following questions when interviewing a homebirth midwife: 1) How many births have you attended, and how many were successful homebirths? What is your rate of transfer? Do you transfer if the mom desires pain relief, or only in emergencies? 2) Do you have references that I can contact? (It is always a good idea to call a few of the references provided.) 3) What are your expectations of clients during pregnancy? (This will probably be included in the provided reading material. … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog in the New Year

In closing my very first month as a Pregnancy Blogger, I am closing out a year as well. I would like to say thank you to those of you that have read my entries so far. I’m having a wonderful time writing about a topic that is very near and dear to me. I hope you all are enjoying reading as much as I am writing. Here is a look-back on December 2006 and a look forward to the things I will touch on in the New Year: I talked about a lot of things that relate to the first … Continue reading

Would You Give Birth On The Internet?

The list of events that people choose to broadcast live on the internet is growing. A perfect example is an acquaintance of mine who broadcast his wedding via live feed on his blog for all his readers to see. I also recall a local celebrity switching on a web cam in his apartment for hours at at time, Ed TV style, (though I don’t remember why.) People are putting more and more of their personal lives out there on the internet for everyone to see. Sharing personal stories through “vlogging” (video blogging) is about to hit a whole new level. … Continue reading