Let’s Talk About Acupuncture During Labor

A new study of pregnant women in the ob/gyn journal shows that acupuncture can speed labor in most women. Although the women probably did not deliver the baby any sooner than they otherwise would have, it dramatically reduced the active phase of labor for most women in the group. This could translate to significant pain relief or less pain altogether for a laboring woman. The following quote is derived from the medical journal Acta Obstretricia et Gynecologica, 2006;85:1348-53: In a study of 100 pregnant women who were about to give birth, 48 were given acupuncture while the remainder had standard … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review for Jan 27 – Feb 2

Time flies when you are pregnant. With the pressures of work, other children and family responsibilities, it’s easy to get busy and miss some of the articles posted in the Pregnancy Blog. This weekly review is an easy and fast way to get caught up on your reading. Saturday, January 27 Let’s Talk About Water Birth: Fluid Pain Relief Sara Denomme talks about the magical experience of her daughter’s home water birth. Sunday, January 28 If you are planning to breastfeed your new baby, you will need a good book as a resource. Check out Great Breastfeeding Books for some … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog Top Ten: How to Induce Labor Naturally

If you’re attempting to have the most natural labor possible, you’re going to want to avoid artificial induction at all costs. Not only are artificially-induced contractions often significantly stronger and more painful, but starting labor unnaturally can likely lead to further complications. The current state of your cervix will determine how likely the onset of labor is. No amount of any of these, save number one maybe, will produce a baby if it’s not time. Sure, there are plenty of old wive’s tales for starting labor naturally, including eating spicy foods or taking a ride down a bumpy road. But … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Reflexology During Pregnancy and Labor

Reflexology, acupressure and massage can all be wonderful during pregnancy and labor. Every pregnant woman deserves to have at least one massage per trimester, says I. Massages should always be performed by certified massage therapists, preferably one that is familiar with pregnant women. Acupressure, also referred to as reflexology, has the ability to trigger uterine contractions if done in specific points of the body, and should only be performed to induce labor after a woman is overdue to deliver. Avoid reflexology points until you are past your due date. To induce labor naturally using reflexology, follow these instructions: For all … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Your Bishop Score

What is my Bishop Score? When you are overdue and you healthcare provider is suggesting induction, this is one of the most important questions you should ask them before consenting. The current state of your cervix, coupled with other factors, will determine how soon the onset of labor may be. There are several ways to gauge how “ripe” your cervix is at any given time. The tallying of these factors is referred to as the Bishop Score. To see a simple chart to calculate your odds, go here: Bishop Score. The total score is achieved by assessing the following five … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Touch During Labor

Skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and touch is a very powerful thing. For your infant, it will be one of their most-used tools for discovering the world around them. For you, it can be the best or the worst part of your labor. Learn how to use the power of touch to your benefit while laboring. Women who are touched in a loving and supportive way during labor report that their pain is less intense. Touch will give the laboring woman a way to center her concentration and focus her mental energy away from pain. Some women … Continue reading