The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review for Jan 27 – Feb 2

Time flies when you are pregnant. With the pressures of work, other children and family responsibilities, it’s easy to get busy and miss some of the articles posted in the Pregnancy Blog. This weekly review is an easy and fast way to get caught up on your reading. Saturday, January 27 Let’s Talk About Water Birth: Fluid Pain Relief Sara Denomme talks about the magical experience of her daughter’s home water birth. Sunday, January 28 If you are planning to breastfeed your new baby, you will need a good book as a resource. Check out Great Breastfeeding Books for some … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Mirror, the Crown and the Miracle

Aside from the experience as a whole, there will be some specific magical elements present in the delivery room. The Mirror – This item is often found in delivery rooms, inconspicuously set to the side and given little thought throughout most of labor. It will present itself to you at the most awkward moment, where you will most likely expect it the least and initially be slightly annoyed at its appearance. Its purpose will then become clear to you: It is merely a temporary talisman. You may use it simply for encouragement if you so choose, or you may use … Continue reading

Husbands and Home Births

Shortly before I began dating Tristi, I read Arthur Janov’s book, “Imprints: The Lifelong Effects of the Birth Experience,”and began to understand why having children at home, without drugs, might be helpful to them and their mother. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything Arthur had to say, but his book did open my mind to the possibility that many children don’t need the full hospital interventions that often happen in America. According to Dr. Janov, babies born without drugs, whether at home or not, tend to be less irritable, and grow up with fewer psychological issues. When I asked Tristi … Continue reading

Creating a Photo List for the Delivery Room

Your baby’s birth will be a whirlwind of activity. From the moment she enters the world, time will seem to speed up and she’ll grow up right before your eyes. In the first few days of life, a baby’s appearance changes dramatically. Everything from her skin tone, to the shape of her nose, to the curve of her tiny head, morphs as she recovers and adjusts to her new surroundings. After all, she was crammed in a pretty tight space for nine months; she’s bound to have some serious bedhead, among other things. In all the hustle and bustle, you’ll … Continue reading

The Second Stage of Labor

The second stage of labor is the most exciting part of having a baby. That is probably the reason it is the most portrayed stage of labor on TV. We all have the image of the woman in her hospital gown, hunched over in a pool of sweat and screaming at her husband for getting her in this situation. Ironically, the pushing stage brings relief to the woman who just experienced the most intense pain during the final hours of the first stage of labor. Those last few centimeters are the worst! The second stage of labor is less painful, … Continue reading