Allstate Empowers Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence survivors came together last month to kick off a three-day conference designed to provide resources to saviors, share experiences, and gain empowerment. Domestic violence survivors from across the United States attended the three-day conference which focused on economic independence and cultivating personal leadership skills. The goal was to help survivors learn to share their message to victims still in need. Survivors of domestic violence may face serious financial roadblocks as a result of their abuse. It’s not unusual for survivors to have forced out of the workforce for periods of years. Victims were often unable to pursue education … Continue reading

The Unexpected Trauma Injury-My Son’s Accident

Continued from: When Your Child Is Hurt–The Unexpected Trauma Injury Our Lives have never been the same since the day my 9-year-old son was seriously injured and taken by Life Flight to the trauma hospital. Our family had been enjoying an ordinary snow day when tragedy struck, we watched the helicopter take off with Sean inside and scrambled to figure out how to get through the icy roads to the trauma hospital. It was about an hour since the phone call and our world was upside down. It was only around lunch time when we let our son go play … Continue reading

5-Things To Know If Your Child Has To Fly To A Trauma Hospital

1- If you are at the scene and give consent for your child to be taken by helicopter to a trauma hospital life saving medical procedures may start during flight or at the hospital before you arrive. 2- If parents are not at the scene and have not been notified of the accident or injury the state may assume custody and life saving procedures may be started before you are notified or consent. When your children go on outings with Church, school or family and friends it’s important to be sure they have emergency contact information one them at all … Continue reading

Life Flight Membership, Fly Free For Under $100. A Year.

No one expects to need a helicopter flight to the hospital but when time matters the most, helicopter emergency transportation may be the difference between life and death. The trademark term “Life Flight” was created when the service began, at Memorial Hermann Health Care System in Houston, Texas during 1976. Founded by James “Red” Duke, M.D., medical director for Life Flight. Memorial Hermann Health Care System had the second helicopter air medical program in the United States. In most areas of the country Life Flight, or a similar service, is now available to transport critically ill or injured patients to … Continue reading

When Your Child Is Hurt–The Unexpected Trauma Injury

Before you read this Blog I need to warn you, I tend to get a little dramatic when I write about this event in our family’s life. To my credit I think it should be expected that a mommy would be dramatic about a traumatic life changing injury happening to her oldest child. The truth is we do not live our lives thinking we would be the people on the evening news, or that our child would be taken to the hospital in a life flight helicopter. It was December 6, 1992 and snow had covered the valley floor of … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Introduction

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself as a blogger on the New Insurance Blog at For the past five years my husband and I have worked very hard Adopting Siblings from our state foster care system and I am one of the Adoption b Bloggers. Prior to this life changing event my career has been Insurance. I look forward to refocusing and writing about the business I have been involved with for nearly 25 years. My first position in the insurance field started when I was 18 years old. I was hired by the most … Continue reading