Living With Color Blindness

Think for a moment about how many things in life rely on color. From getting dressed in the morning (making sure your clothes match) to driving to work (and reading traffic signals), color is all around us! Compensating for an inability to see colors can be easy in some ways and not so easy in others. As far as traffic lights go, a person can learn the order of the three lights — red at the top, yellow in the middle, and green at the bottom — and watch for which one is lit. Even if you can’t see the … Continue reading

When One Sibling Is Away….

My oldest son is in the Colorado mountains this weekend, building and living in a snow cave. Their scout troop had a two hour briefing on avalanches, hypothermia, snow blindness, and frost bite. Just what a mama wants to hear. Sometimes I am jealous of the scout trips – but not this one. Sleeping on top of and under snow? Brrr…. I like camping, but I like my nice warm bed and central heat more, thanks all the same. My fourth graders are jealous though. They are anxious for next year when they’ll be old enough for these camping trips. … Continue reading