Perceptions of Homeowners and Tenants

People’s perception of homeowners and renters can be a funny thing. A common perception is that because the tenant doesn’t own the property they are not going to look after it the same way as if it was their own. In some cases that is true. We have been on the receiving end of that when we rented our home for nine months, while we were live-in houseparents at a children’s home. The people who rented for the first six months were ideal tenants and looked after the place as if it was their own. In fact they did want … Continue reading

A Sad Statistic

Yesterday on the radio I heard a sad statistic. According to statistics more couples break up over the next four weeks than at any other time of year. For a time that should be happy and rejoicing and is about the gift of love as revealed to all of is through God’s gift of Jesus this is a horrifying statistic to hear. The cause of the break ups between couples is largely stress. Dealing with visits to respective families, or families that don’t get along with each other and all the interpersonal squabbles and jealousies and interactions that go on … Continue reading

Sharing What’s Important

At Christmas time we see lots of people we don’t normally see. Because we live in a tourist area, we often see couples or families on holidays. We also see people brought along by other family members to church for special services, as we had yesterday. At times like these some women manage to convince their husbands who don’t normally attend, to come. Each week I see women at church on their own because their men won’t come. They aren’t interested. Others are on their own, because their family they have been victims of a family pulled apart by unfaithfulness … Continue reading

Three Generation Families do Better Financially… at what cost?

Findings from the November 2009 Journal of Families issues states that three generation households are better than two generation homes headed by a single parent. The reasoning behind this is that having the grandparents and parents share the financial burden of the home will keep children out of poverty. “Using data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation from 2001, the researchers found that the presence of just one grandparent makes the odds of living below the poverty line 80% lower than for children living without a grandparent, and children living with two grandparents are at an even greater … Continue reading


Frustration is one of those kinds of things that build up and up. The more you try and keep it inside and press it down, the more it tends to want to spill out. The results are that it starts to affect all your thoughts, reactions and actions. The other week I watched a guy become frustrated while playing a sport. He initially muffed a couple of shots. In the end, he became so frustrated that he couldn’t do a thing right. He was messing up even simple shots. It happens to me too. When I let frustration take over, … Continue reading