Fire Your Maid Service and Get Your Family Cleaning

Admittedly, I wouldn’t say no to maid service, if it was free that is. Since it isn’t I have to rely on myself and my family to do the cleaning. Getting three kids to clean is a chore in itself, even when just has to do with cleaning up after themselves. Still, I’d rather have train the family to clean than pay for a maid. Plus, this way, my kids get some valuable real-life lessons, thrown in. Routine is Everything Establish some cleaning routines, and cleaning won’t take up so much time. It is easier to do a quick wipe … Continue reading

5 Things to Make From Scratch to Save Money

Homemade is usually best, especially when it comes to saving money. Here are five things you can make from scratch to save money. They include homemade cleaners, food prepared from scratch, baby items and more. Pizza Pizza dough is quick and easy when you make it in a bread machine. Even with loads of toppings, two large (restaurant large, not supermarket large) thin-crust pizzas will cost you around $4. For a little more money, you can buy prepared dough, but of course making your pizza completely from scratch means a lower cost as well as a lack of preservatives and … Continue reading

Holiday Preparations: Cleaning

So did you purchase a binder to start your holiday organizer? Or perhaps you found another method that works better for you. We are now just over a week until Thanksgiving. So it’s time to start preparing your home for guests and that means…cleaning. One of the suggestions I had given in my previous blog was to write down the rooms that need some extra attention before you have family and friends over. If you haven’t already done that, use your holiday organizing binder to make notes. The point of writing it down is that you don’t feel like you … Continue reading

Deep Cleaning Your Home

There is a big difference between cleaning and “deep” cleaning. While regular cleaning can cut down on how often you need to deep clean and make the work easier, it is still necessary every-so-often. Deep cleaning means getting into areas you don’t normally touch. It is those unseen, oftentimes overlooked areas of the home. How often you need to deep clean will depend not only on your maintenance of that area but what it is used for. Some rooms or areas of the home may need a deep cleaning every few weeks. But some can wait a few months. It … Continue reading

The Gathering Room

Depending on the size of your house, it can feel impossible to keep up with it. The more rooms you have, the more cleaning and maintenance there is. But no matter how big (or small) your house is, you should have one room that family and friends can easily relax in. I call it the “gathering” room. It should be a room where people gather and are made to feel comfortable and cozy. It is the room where a warm ambience is felt. So how do you make that happen? First, think comfort. More than likely this room will be … Continue reading

Organizing a Smaller Kitchen

My husband recently started cleaning out a storage room in our basement, in which he found china and crystal. It was hard to recognize what the pieces were at first because they were covered in sawdust. Yes, they had been kept on a shelf in the same room my husband did some of his sawing in. While I wanted to wash and clean the pieces, I remembered that that we don’t have enough space in our kitchen to store it. That was the whole reason for these beautiful pieces to be stashed away for the past several years. And it’s … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Delegation

I have yet to complete my spring cleaning. Although I thought one month would be dedicated to it, life has just gotten busy and taken away from the opportunity to do so. In fact, I have only managed to get through three rooms. Even then, I didn’t completely finish the last one. So I have been thinking of some ways to make spring cleaning easier. Not in the sense that there is less work but in making it easier to accomplish. One of the things that I came to realize is I am trying to take on a house with … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning: What You’ll Need

Make your spring cleaning as painless as possible by being prepared. Here is what you will need to make your spring cleaning go smoothly. Attitude Having a positive outlook will go a long way to making spring cleaning something to look forward to rather than something to dread. Instead of focusing on the amount of work or the tedium of the job, instead concentrate on the results. Think about how good you will feel when the spring cleaning is completed. Visualize enjoying your favorite activities in your nice, clean and clutter free home. Build in some rewards to help reinforce … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Papers

Last weekend when I was spring cleaning my living room, I used my brand new upholstery cleaner. It just made economical sense to invest in my own, so that I always have it handy. When I took it out of the box, I read the instructions and set those aside. Later on I would put those instructions in a binder. That got me thinking about the importance of spring cleaning papers. Paper piles and clutter can be a real problem in many homes. Finding a way to eliminate the piles and clutter can not only make your home more functional … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning the Bedroom – Part 5

When you walk into your bedroom, do you feel like you have entered a sanctuary? Or does it feel more like chaos, with stuff all over the place? Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to make your bedroom what it should be, a place that you can feel comfortable entering at the end of a long day. It should be a place where you can receive a good night’s rest. Clutter and chaos take away from that. As I have been sharing in my other spring cleaning blogs, the best way to tackle any room is to clear it out … Continue reading