Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthier

Most parents realize that a diet of soda and candy isn’t a healthy choice. What’s a parent to do if their child is a picky eater who refuses fruit and vegetables? There are ways to help kids to eat healthier that don’t involve dramatic fights at the dinner table. Jane E. Brody wrote an article for the New York Times in August of 2015. The article is titled “Another Approach to Raising Healthy Eaters”. In this article, she shares her experience as a child who was a picky eater. She provides some enlightening insights for parents who have a child … Continue reading

Helicopter Parenting is not Helpful

It is natural for parents to want the very best for their children. They make sure their kids have brushed their teeth, feed them healthy foods, and check to make sure that their homework is done. All of this is done because of love. That being said, there is a point where things become too much. It turns out that helicopter parenting can actually harm a child’s future prospects. What is a “helicopter parent”? Parents Magazine says that the term originated in 1969 in a book called Parents & Teenagers written by Dr. Haim Ginott. Some of the teens he … Continue reading

Where to Find Great Recipes from Kraft

What will you be feeding your family for dinner tonight? There are times when that is a rather difficult question to answer. It helps if you have plenty of recipes to choose from. Fortunately, there are many places to find recipes from Kraft. There was a time when people had to rely on cookbooks, women’s magazines, and the box of handwritten recipes that their mother and grandmother handed down to them for recipe ideas. Today, companies that make food products are very active online. This makes it really easy to find plenty of recipes that include products from your favorite … Continue reading

Should You Create A Birth Plan?

Should you create a birth plan?  It can be a helpful tool for making your wishes known both to your healthcare provider and the labor & delivery staff, but it also seems a little silly to plan something like one’s labor: after all, if we could control it, we would all have easy births. When I first heard about birth plans, I decided that they weren’t for me.  I’m a very Type A person; I get stressed if even my silliest of plans get messed up, if they’re ones I’m excited about.  Trying to plan my baby’s birth, and everything … Continue reading

Visual Latin: Makes Latin Easy!

The thought of teaching Latin made me want to hide under a table. I did not think there would be any way for me to teach Latin. I never took Latin in school. I have no experience in this subject and quite frankly it is an intimidating subject if you are unfamiliar. Knowing that I decided to homeschool to provide a better education I knew I would have to find away to teach my children Latin. Latin will help build a strong foundation for English. A person who knows Latin will have a firmer grasp on vocabulary and spelling. I … Continue reading

Make Your Own Snow Cone Syrup

Cut down on the cost and eliminate the high fructose corn syrup when you make your own snow cone syrup. It is easy and inexpensive. What are summer days without a snow cone? This classic summer treat can bring smiles to practically any child. I remember my childhood summers. One of my favorite “toys” was my snoopy snow cone machine. It took a lot of work to get enough shaved ice to make one small snow cone, but it was worth every moment. Because my parents weren’t interested in buying any of the snow cone syrups that were available, I … Continue reading

It Is All About Saving Not Sacrificing

I had a bit of a let down this week. My kids have been wanting a certain piece of furniture, one of those Love Sac things that is part chair and part trampoline. Their cousins have one, as do a number of their friends. So, we dutifully went over to the mall to check them out and had some serious sticker shock. The sacs cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each. Okay, that item was off the list. Every once in a while I check online to see if any used ones come up for sale. One did today, but … Continue reading

Fun and Easy Ways to Go Green

Earth Day 2013 is less than a week away.  How are you planning to celebrate? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of green to go green.  All you need is a little time and some motivation to recycle what you already own.  By repurposing materials you would otherwise toss in the trash, you are not only saving money and showing your kids simple ways to save the planet, but you’re also giving them an outlet to showcase their creative energy. Placemats:  Rather than spend cash on everyday placemats, consider making your own with poster board, old magazines and … Continue reading

Virtue Lessons Made Easy

  Product:  Virtue Flash Cards, Handbook, Butterfly Award, Coloring Pages, and Character Assessment Company:  We Choose Virtues Use:  To teach character development from a biblical or secular point of view. Grade Recommendation:  3rd-5th (older children can help teach and younger children will enjoy the lessons as well) Homeschool Method: Any Rating:  5 out of 5 golden apples Highlights Simple program with minimal prep and maximum results Can be used with to enhance current character or biblical lessons or as a stand alone Takes minutes a day Adaptable to large families with multi-aged children Great for Sunday school or co-ops Affordable What is … Continue reading

How to Make a Weekly Frugal Food Plan

Food is quickly becoming one of the biggest expenses in the average family’s budget. Attack your food budget with a weekly money-saving plan. Each day pick a task that will help you save money on your food bill. Developing a weekly frugal food plan can reduce the cost of feeding your family. Below, you can see an example of my own weekly frugal food plan. You can use it as a guideline and customize it to make it your own, so it makes sense for you and your family. Sunday Go grocery shopping with a list and coupons. Distribute bulk … Continue reading