Great Math Apps for Primary Kids

It’s the time of year when outside becomes a lot more focus than inside, and so it should. It’s a beautiful time of the year, and the kids need to be outdoors. However, when they’re looking for down time on the computer, and they love math, where can you send them? Here are some of the top math apps that I’m looking at as teaching tools for the summer. My daughter and I both love Math Drills and Math Drills Lite. The lite version is free, and the paid version is only $1.99. While the app is not beautiful, it’s … Continue reading

Time Engineers: Math and Science CD-ROM for Middle and High School Students

At a Glance: Product: Time Engineers Cost: $19.95 Individual, $49.95 School District/University Use: Homeschool, Classroom, Home Grades: Middle School-High School (5th-9th) Lessons Taught: Math, Science, History, Physics Skills: Problem Solving, Reasoning, Critical Thinking Rating: 5 out of 5 Gold Stars Today I am sharing with you one of my new favorite tools to teach math concepts to middle and high school age students. For many homeschoolers these years are difficult in terms of teaching math. I agree. It is for this reason I want to present you with a tool that you and your students will enjoy. What is Time … Continue reading

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth offers affordable, yet quality math worktexts and workbooks for grades 1-8, available as both downloads and printed books. These books concentrate on conceptual understanding and are strong in mental math. The directions in the worktexts are written directly to the student, and are often self-teaching, thus requiring little preparation and involvement from the teacher. ~From the website The Product Math Mammoth: 6th Grade Full Curriculum Cost: Download $34.00 (Please check site for more options.) Included in the Full 6th Grace Curriculum Two student worktexts, a separate answer key for each, chapter tests and an end-of-year test, cumulative reviews, … Continue reading

IXL: Math for the Left and Right Brain

When I find something that I think is an amazing way to teach a child I cannot keep it all to myself. I am bursting at the seams to tell you about a website called IXL. I thought I knew what to expect from IXL Math since I have used several online math programs in the past. What drew me in was the colorful and whimsical design of the site. What else would draw a jaded homeschooling mom into a site she was sure was just like the others? Well, you guessed it, this site is not like the others. … Continue reading

Counting on Fingers

I have to tell you, I really don’t understand what’s so bad about counting on your fingers. They’re like a built-in abacus that goes everywhere with us. We have ten fingers, ten is the basic mathematical unit … I mean, it’s like they were meant to be together, and yet, all over the place, all the time, I hear parents say to their children, “Don’t count on your fingers.” I ask, why not? I happen to be a very visual learner, and I happen to not be good at math. I need all the help I can get, and if … Continue reading

What Genealogy Can Teach Children

Those who truly love a certain subject or hobby usually enjoy talking about it to other people. If genealogy is your favorite activity, then you may find it both fun and inspirational to show your children a little bit about what you like about genealogy. There are many academic lessons that tie nicely into aspects of genealogy. Genealogy itself could be a great subject to be taught as part of a homeschooling curriculum. Genealogy is the study of your relatives, your ancestors, your family. These people are all related to your children, as well. Children may become really interested in … Continue reading