Fun with Leftovers

My dad’s New Year’s resolution is to kick his addiction to caffeine.  So far, he hasn’t had a drop of coffee in all of 2013.  Since my mom is a tea drinker, my parents’ coffee maker has been sitting idle since the last day of 2012.  What’s more, since my dad has gone cold turkey, he no longer needs his seemingly endless supply of paper coffee filters. Rather than be tempted by the white basket-shaped filters, my dad shipped them 5,000 miles to our home, which is filled with non-coffee drinkers.  We don’t even own a coffee maker.  Needless to … Continue reading

The Treasures That Fill Your Home

You’re such a “Bah Humbug,” my daughter said to me with a chuckle.  Here it was the day after Christmas and she had woken up to a house put back together. That’s right.  The lights were taken down from the windows.  The Christmas tree was packed up and there was no sign that decorations had ever filled the rooms. I’m really not a Scrooge.  I love Christmas.  I treasure this time of year.  And I enjoy decorating my home. But I am so much more comfortable when everything is normal.  My normal means the many picture frames that decorate the … Continue reading

Sun and Fun

This shot was taken minutes before my daughter’s first boogie board lesson at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was a huge milestone for her and duly documented to display in her scrapbook. In fact, the photo joined seven others to create a double page layout showcasing her first experience riding waves. I even included a shot from this adventure to illustrate how much she had grown from the little girl, who preferred to stand on the sand and have her rubber duck body surf in to the shore, to the second grader who shredded the day … Continue reading

Chip It Good

My local scrapbook supply shop has a huge “Dads and Grads” display in the front of the store. The table includes a massive array of graduation and Father’s Day-themed albums, embellishments and paper. In addition, the owner of the shop created the most incredible selection of chipboard scrapbooks. One spells out “Daddy,” another “Graduate,” and another “Congratulations.” For as long as I have been creating memory albums, I have yet to master the art of crafting chipboard scrapbooks. I’m not sure what intimidates me so much about these unique albums, though I have a feeling it has to do with … Continue reading

From Spring Break to Scrapbook

Five kids from my daughter’s second grade class are spending spring break with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Yup, they are jetting down to Orlando for the week and my daughter isn’t letting me forget it. Her classmates will be joining tens of thousands of other families who plan to spend spring break in the house of mouse. I’m sure those moms and dads will be snapping plenty of pictures to show off to family and friends. While most of the images will likely make it on Facebook, I’m sure at least a few will find special spots in vacation … Continue reading

Chip, Chip Hooray

Fifty pieces of plain chipboard to cut, 50 pieces of chipboard, slice one up; paste it in place, 49 pieces of chipboard to cut. Not exactly bottles of beer, but you get the picture. I was recently gifted with several dozen pieces of plain chipboard, and now I am desperately looking for ways to slice and dice them into works of art which I can use to make my scrapbook layouts pop. If you are an avid scrapbooker, then you know how expensive premade chipboard accents cost. The high price is just one of the reasons I refuse to waste … Continue reading

Scraps to Scrap

One of the cleverest uses of scraps I’ve seen featured in a scrapbook layout was a collection of candles made from leftover pieces of ribbon placed on top of a die cut birthday cake and topped with rhinestones to mimic flames. Now, that’s creativity at its finest. I wish I could say I came up with the idea, but alas, I am not that ingenious. However, I have recreated the scrap ribbon candle in a number of my own birthday layouts. More importantly, the idea inspired me to find other ways to turn scrap material into embellishments for my page … Continue reading

Personalized Scrapbooking

Personalized scrapbooks seem redundant. After all, it’s not like you are going to create layouts with photos of random people. Rather, our albums are filled with personal memories and embellishments that can be customized to further illustrate our individual preferences. In fact, even pre-made albums and scrapbook-in-a-box type kits can be adjusted to display individual creativity. While the kits come with pre-selected supplies, that doesn’t mean you can’t take liberties to make the finished page designs uniquely yours. What’s more, you can take the concept of pre-fabricated scrapbooks to another level by creating your own skeleton album and giving it … Continue reading

Holiday Clutter

Is your house cleaner during the holidays or messier? I try to keep mine clean, you never know when someone will stop by but it quickly falls apart. I get quickly overwhelmed by clutter. When I feel like the house is cluttered I lose my motivation to clean. Right now, the house feels majorly cluttered. There are three Christmas trees, enough pine garlands to wrap the whole house plus pine cones and Christmas pictures and decorations everywhere. Not to mention that every inch of closet space and all the floor space in my craft room is littered with Christmas gifts, … Continue reading

Affordable Ways to Create Festive Layouts

Yesterday we received our first Christmas card of the season in the mail. Given that I have yet to even choose a family photo for our holiday greeting, receiving my friend’s annual newsletter was bittersweet to say the least. Still, I refuse to let her superior organizational skills get me down. Rather, I lovingly placed her Christmas card in a decorative holder in the shape of Santa’s sleigh where it will remain until I cut it up and use the pretty printed images in my holiday scrapbook. If you are looking for cheap and easy ways to add some festive … Continue reading