Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinet

My family has been packing for a trip to Texas. So it has required me to take more notice of things that need to be organized. We were trying to decide which medications to take, such as something for car sickness, ibuprofen, migraine and allergy medicine. But finding what I needed proved to be a challenge. That’s because I realized how completely disorganized my medicine cabinet was. And I ended up having to throw out items that were past their expiration date. So I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to clean it out. That required emptying it first. … Continue reading

Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Delivery Experience

When my son was born, I packed the basics and didn’t think much beyond the toothpaste and underwear while throwing my hospital bag together. The next time around, however, I plan on going the extra mile by adding a little glamour. Anyone who has ever seen pictures of themselves after delivery knows how nice it would be to add a little sparkle to their tired face and the baggy hospital night gown, as well as the bland delivery room. First of all, I’m putting my sister on beauty duty. It will be her job to make sure my lips are … Continue reading

Packing Your Bags for the Hospital

Packing your bags for the hospital is a major milestone on your journey to the delivery room. Deciding what to bring can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never had a baby before. Since you’ll likely be spending a couple days there, it will be comforting to have some of your own personal items there with you to make it feel a little more like home. First of all, it’s a good idea to have your hospital bag packed about 4 weeks before you are scheduled to deliver. You could go into labor early or your due date might be … Continue reading

Is Your Beauty Routine Filled with Chemicals?

When thinking about living green, you may not think about stuff like cosmetics. I know I’ve never thought to check the label of my deodorant, toothpaste, soap, and makeup, but after reading about some of the things that are in there, I have decided to start reading closely. I read a statistic online that said that we could be exposing ourselves to 200 or more toxins when just getting ready for the day. What are some hidden toxins you want to avoid in your cosmetic routine? If you suffer from dandruff, you may want to read the label of your … Continue reading

Make Your Own Stuff and Save

If you want a great way to save money, try making your own items instead of purchasing them. From growing your own food and making your own mixes to creating your own laundry detergent and sanitizing wipes, there are so many ways to save. Plus, it is nice knowing that you don’t have to rely on expensive commercial products if you don’t want to do so. Check out this round up of “Make Your Own” articles. Try one recipe or instructions, or try them all! Frugal Food: Make Your Own Granola Bars? Make Your Own Yogurt Make Your Own Fabric … Continue reading

10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill 2

Who couldn’t cut their grocery bill down a bit? Aside from rent or a mortgage, food tends to be the biggest monthly expense that most people have. Just saving a small percentage on your food bill can yield big dollar savings. And if you use all of these strategies, you’ll actually save a large percentage. In the previous article, we listed the first five ways to cut your grocery bill. If you missed that earlier article, you can click here: 10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill. Now, let us continue. 6. Combine coupons with loss leader sales. Loss leaders … Continue reading

Oral Care for Pets — Make it Easy on Yourself

I bet you can think of a lot of things you’d rather do besides brush your pet’s teeth. It’s not easy, and it’s not much fun, either. But there are some things you can do to make it easy to keep your pet’s pearly whites healthy. Get your pet used to you handling his mouth — before you even get the brush out. Touch his face, lift his lips, and rub his gums. Be patient. This can take a while. Pick out an appropriate toothbrush. You may feel most comfortable with a brush that slips over your index finger — … Continue reading

Travel Alert: Dangerous Hotel Toothpaste

Is nothing sacred anymore? A word of warning to all of you travelers: If you took home complimentary toothpaste from your most recent hotel stay beware. A supplier that provides toiletries to luxury hotels has recalled tubes of toothpaste that are potentially toxic. Take a look in your toiletry kit immediately and look for the Gilchrist & Soames label. If you see a tube with that name on it, dispose of the toothpaste right away. The toothpaste was made in China. Yes, the same country that has come under scrutiny for manufacturing faulty tires, toys that make kids sick, and … Continue reading

Make Your Own Eye Soother

Do you wake up sometimes with tired puffy eyes? It happens frequently here for me when the kids have slept well. Allergy season is another time when puffy eyes seems to make a frequent appearance. Well here is a homemade way to sooth those puffy eyes at a fraction of the cost of fancy creams. You have heard of using cucumbers over your eyes, haven’t you? We see it all of the time on television, in movies and in magazines. Whether someone wants to promote the idea of a woman in a fancy spa, she is always lying there, wrapped … Continue reading

Make Your Own Blemish Scrub

If you want to treat blemished skin in a natural way, don’t look to those expensive creams, lotions and potions that promise natural ingredients from the four corners of the earth. Instead, look to your own garden or grocery store to find everything that you need to make your own blemish scrub. You can customize your products for your skin and save lots of money at the same time. To make this great blemish scrub, you will need the following: 1 peeled and seeded tomato, preferably home grown or organic 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, fresh from the lemon 1 … Continue reading