Making Birthdays Special – Or Not

Marriage, like most of life, is all about seeing things from someone else’s point of view. I’ve had to learn that Jonathan copes with things, especially arguments and emotions, much more slowly than I do. That’s not what I wanted to discuss today. What I wanted to discuss is how marriage can sometimes force you to see the world in an entirely new way. Sounds like I’m talking about something life changing, right? Not really, though it’s certainly hard for me to process. I’m talking about presents. Jon’s birthday is today, and for months I had no idea what to … Continue reading

Special Needs Blog Week in Review – July 1 – 7, 2012

Once a week, the Special Needs Blog Week in Review gives you a brief summary of each of the blogs that appeared here in the past seven days. This is a fast way to find out about the blogs that you might have missed when they were first posted. The Special Needs Podcast Roundup went up on July 2, 2012. This week, I’d like to point out an episode of The Coffee Klatch podcast. The episode is called “The Best of the Coffee Klatch – Sensory Processing Disorder”. The episode features Dr. Lucy Miller, author of “Sensational Kids: Hope and … Continue reading

Making The Night Shift Work For Your Family

Yesterday I talked a little bit about parents who choose to work the night shift. If you are wondering how it works on a practical level, I have decided to discuss that today. After trying a couple of different approaches to adjusting your family’s schedule to accommodate a parent working the night shift at home you will most likely find a solution that works for your family. When a family or a couple thinks of each day as a twenty four hour period of time, it is easier to find creative ways to do or have the things that you … Continue reading

Ringing in the New Year with Most of My Children

In my last blog, I wrote that I would be ringing in the New Year, with or without my children. My older teens had plans and wouldn’t be part of our traditional family time. Well in a strange twist, it was my 12-year-old son who ended up spending the night at his best friend’s house. And my older teens ended up at home. Although their plans fell through and they were disappointed at first, we ended up having a great evening together. While munching on goodies like summer sausage, guacamole and my, what some may consider to be a strange … Continue reading

Making Those Tough Parenting Decisions

One of the hardest parenting decisions my husband and I have had to make just occurred. We have spent the last couple of weeks talking about it, finding out more information and most definitely, praying about it. Our 17-year-old son asked if he could be part of an upcoming missions’ trip to Haiti. Now you have to understand that we were completely shocked by this. Our son is a homebody, has two good friends, rarely goes anywhere other than work and has never once participated in an outside activity at church. We tried to feel him out…why did he want … Continue reading

Making the Most of Moments

I truly believe that no moment in life is too small. Each moment counts and while I often fail to recognize that, I at least strive to. When I do manage to capture those moments, it feels so good. This past Monday I had one of those. I recognized that I had a moment and I needed to make the most of it. It was after a very long day. It was one of those days where you are exhausted from a lack of sleep, you felt pressed to meet deadlines for work, a simple trip to the grocery store … Continue reading

Learning from Our “Ouch” Moments

Ever have one of those “ouch” moments as a parent? You know what I’m talking about, one of those moments as a parent where you have made a mistake and you think to yourself, “Ouch that really hurts.” It hurts because most parents like to believe they know what they are doing. We are supposed to have it all together, aren’t we? Yet the reality is that we don’t always know what we are doing and sometimes we really don’t have it all together. This week I experienced an “ouch” moment. With my middle school son joining football this year, … Continue reading

Parents Making the Most of Obama Inauguration

Are you keeping your kids home from school tomorrow? TV journalist Linda Ellerbee, along with a handful or other renown child psychologists, are encouraging parents around the nation to keep their kids home from school tomorrow in order to make Inauguration Day a family affair. Regardless of your party affiliation, these childhood “experts” say President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing in as our country’s first African-American president is a historic moment that should be witnessed and discussed as a family. Basically, Ellerbee and crew maintain that learning should begin at home and parents should make the most of tomorrow’s historic events. So … Continue reading

Making the Choice to Believe

There may come a time in your life when you are faced with the choice of whether or not you will continue to have faith. In fact daily you make choices that either build upon your faith or tear it down. These choices can sometimes lead to the big moments that can affect you for the rest of your life. If you think back on your life you may have a moment or two that stand out as the times that you chose to continue to have faith or you chose to begin to have faith. These moments may not … Continue reading

Making It Count

If you have ever been in situation and then you have realized that it is coming to an end, you have two choices. The first is to stop caring, and let things slide, and the second is to make those last few days or weeks or minutes really count. I have never regretted the times that I have made it count. In fact looking back, I wish that I could have made other moments matter just a little bit more. It is important that in our daily relationships with our loved ones, that we make it count. We do not … Continue reading