Religion in Genealogy Part 4: Jews

I have to say that I am rather enjoying writing the posts in this series. Not only have I been able to share with you information that I already knew, but I have also set out to research things that I don’t know. Religion plays a huge role in researching our ancestors, and I am happy to be learning more about the various religions while sharing it with you. So far this series has covered the Quakers & Shakers, Anabaptists, and Huguenots & Doukhobors. Today my focus is going to be on the Jews. Jews practice the religion of Judaism, … Continue reading

Religion in Genealogy Part 1: Quakers and Shakers

The role religion plays in genealogy is quite pronounced. In this blog I will be detailing two major groups: Quakers and Shakers. Quakers Quakers (also called Friends) are members of a Christiandenomination, called the Religious Society of Friends that was formed in England during the mid-17th century by George Fox. Fox believed that it was possible to have a close connection with Christ without formal preaching by clergy. Quaker beliefs are different between individuals based on each follower’s personal relationship with God. Traditionally, Quakers attend congregational gatherings, referred to as Monthly Meetings, where they sit in silence, waiting for the … Continue reading

Marriages Need to Grow

Those who have been through marriage preparation classes could perhaps be better prepared for the reality of marriage. They’re a good idea but they still don’t have all the answers. Basically we can discuss issues before we are married. Mick and I did. We talked about children, money, other family members, religion and anything else that came to mind and that’s great. But sometimes those held views change over time and we need to rethink. That’s when we need to make sure the lines of communication stay open. Good, lasting marriages don’t just happen. Like gardens they need time to … Continue reading

Faith Renounced: The “Royal” Price of Marriage

Yesterday Windsor Castle was the setting of a royal marriage. Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest grandson, Peter Phillips, married Canadian Autumn Kelly. From what I can tell, Peter’s one of the lower profile royals. (Meaning, he keeps a low profile by choice.) In fact, he did not immediately reveal to Autumn that he even was a royal. She only realized it when she saw a program about Prince William and spotted Peter as part of it. What’s interesting about their marriage is what she gave up: her faith. She still believes in God, of course, but she was Roman Catholic. She … Continue reading

Marriage and Spiritual Quests

Are you and your spouse of the same faith? Did you convert to his religion in order to marry, or did she convert to yours? (If you came from different ones.) Or maybe neither of you had one before marriage and adopted one together. Or maybe you didn’t. Right after Wayne and I first got married I’d pass churches and feel guilty I didn’t have a religion. “Maybe we should see about finding a church?” I once ventured. “Maybe we shouldn’t. Why start going now anyway? You never wanted to before.” I couldn’t put my finger on what was happening … Continue reading

Politics and Marriage

Let the official presidential election year begin! Tonight’s the Iowa caucuses. After that the focus moves on to New Hampshire where in five days there’ll be another vote on the candidates. From then on we’re in for one heck of a ride. Because no matter what happens along the way or who wins the final election, this voting year is already going down in the record books. How can it not with the first black man running for President as well as a woman? Do You Know Your Spouse’s Political Temperament? Is this your first voting year together as a … Continue reading

Marriage Fights: Religion

You might be surprised to see ‘religion’ on the list today. Perhaps you think that if you married your spouse in the temple, you are obviously on the same page. Sadly, this is not true. You may attend the same church but have a different idea of what it means to be a practicing Latter-day Saint. These different ideas may well lead to tension and fights. {With so many levels of possible devotion, I’m going to assume for this blog both spouses are active in the church.) As a convert, I for some reason assumed that a temple marriage was … Continue reading

Are We Too Dependent On Marriage?

This is a bit of a weird question, but I was reading a variety of different articles in other areas over the last couple of days and one of the themes they seem to be arguing is that we as a society are too dependent on marriage for our individual happiness. Whether we are married or not, a barometer of social satisfaction and happiness seems to be based on marriage. For Example, The Decline in Marriage Percentages Reports that show married couples comprising only 50% of households seemed to be disheartening to some. What’s wrong with marriage? We’re all looking … Continue reading

Spirituality in Marriage

Spirituality is more than just a word. It’s more than just a simple definition. We all see spirituality differently. We see spirituality as a form of holiness. For some of us that means we need to have a Rabbi, a Priest, a Minister, an Imam or other who represents the spiritual side of life for us. Spirituality is not about religion, it’s about experience, it’s about faith, and it’s about being true to yourself and to your beliefs. So, to make it clear, I am not talking about religion or religious beliefs. I am not talking about going to Church … Continue reading

Marriage Tips: Two’s Company

It’s important to remember that in your marriage there is you and your spouse. While you are both interconnected with a variety of other people from extended family to coworkers to friends – it’s important to remember that when it comes to your marriage – it’s you and your spouse. You are a team. You rise and fall together. I remember being told for years that my husband and I had the perfect relationship, of course, I knew better. But on the outside, we presented that unified front. We were a team and that’s what most everyone saw. On the … Continue reading