Debt and Marriage: How It is Tough to Love When You Owe

Many couples enter into a marriage with debt already in hand. Others accumulate debt together. Either way, nurturing a loving relationship can be hard when debt is hanging over your head. In fact, according to a study by Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University, couples who reported disagreeing about finance once a week were over 30 percent more likely to get divorced than couples who reported disagreeing about finances only a few times a month. Another inference can be made from this study: there is a whole lot of disagreement about money out there. Debt is a source of contention. … Continue reading

Getting Remarried Can Cause Problems With Insurance

Insurance, no matter what kind, is designed to provide you and your family with some financial protection in case tragedy strikes. Getting insurance involves a whole process, taking up both time and money. After paying years of premiums, the expectation is that the insurance company will take care of you in your time of need. In some cases, getting remarried can cause serious problems with insurance. You might not be as protected as you think you are. Is your spouse in the military? There is an insurance plan called the Survivor Benefit Plan that is a program of the Department … Continue reading

Ask a Marriage Blogger – Leading Causes of Divorce

A good friend of mine is getting married shortly, and she’s had a number of questions about marriage and how to cultivate a good relationship with her new husband. As we’ve conversed, she’s given me permission to share some of her questions, and my answers, with you. Q. What are the leading causes of divorce? A. This is a very natural question – divorce is so common these days, it’s almost impossible to contemplate marriage without wondering if it will end in divorce. As I look into it, the causes seem to largely be these. Poor communication – when one … Continue reading

Communicating about Money

One day, my husband attended a seminar and came home with two huge bags in his hands. He had been very impressed with what the instructor had to say, and purchased the learning materials he would need to embark on this course of study. He had indebted us for over $900.00, and hadn’t said one word to me beforehand. You can imagine, I was not the most amused person on the planet. In my husband’s defense, he studied the materials carefully and went on to excel in his studies. The time he invested in those studies, and the money we … Continue reading

Marriage Preparation Classes- Part 2

Yesterday we touched on the value of marriage preparation classes for those coming from divorced parents. However, even where a couple does have a positive model to follow, marriage preparation classes are useful. Both our son and daughter went with their respective partners to marriage preparation classes while they were engaged and found them extremely helpful in giving them a clearer picture of what marriage is all about. The classes raised things they may not have thought about as well as identifying traits of each person that will affect the way they react in a given situation. For example, it … Continue reading

Marriage and the Single Mentality

One of the things that being married involves is instead of just pleasing yourself and thinking,‘what do I want to do or need to do,’ there is another person to consider. It becomes what do we want to do or need to do. This means that you may not always get to do what you want, because there are other considerations. Sadly, while some people have a piece of paper saying they are married and a wedding ring on their finger, they have not changed their mentality. They still think like a single person. Their plans and schemes still revolve … Continue reading

Three More Ps in Marriage

Yep, I’m still in the Ps. Here is one positive P, one neutral depending on how you react, and one you definitely don’t want to have in your marriage. Praise Every single person responds to genuine praise. It not only makes a person feel good, it makes them more inclined to do more things that will earn them further praise. Just as good parents praise their children when they do something right, or pleasing and respond appropriately, so we need to praise our spouse. Praise them as often as you can for the thoughtful things they do, for helping out … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with Young Marriages?

You often hear meaning people say that some couples are too young to get married. There is a theory and some evidence to suggest that young marriages don’t work. Yet years ago, many people were married much younger than they are today. Once 18 wasn’t considered young to get married. In fact you will find many of those who have been married fifty years or more would have been married around this age or certainly before 21. Do the math. You’d have to be married fairly young or live a long time to rack up that many years. In the … Continue reading

Problems in the Bedroom?

One thing occurs in the bedroom that can cause lots of problems for married couples. Millions of people are, or have been at some time, affected by this problem. No, I’m not talking about sex problems but snoring. Snoring can create a lot of problems in a marriage. The reality is one person snores and the other person ends up being kept awake. More often that not, the snorer is the male, but certainly not always. This results in the person who is kept awake, becoming crabby, resentful and unable to function properly during the day. It becomes a source … Continue reading

Marriage in a Disposable Society?

Are we susceptible to the disposable society syndrome? Last week we went to look at the price of a new printer. The printer we were looking at was $99AU. The printer cartridge to go in it was $219AU! ‘That’s ludicrous,’ I said. ‘It’d be cheaper just to keep buying a new printer.’ Mick agreed, it’s a crazy system. It made me think we have become a disposable society. Sadly that attitude carries over into our marriages as well. It sometimes seems when couples strike a rough patch and things aren’t going well or the gloss has gone off the marriage … Continue reading