Get an A+ in Marriage

Do you want to get an A + in marriage? Here are a few As to help you relate to your spouse and improve your marriage Acceptance Your spouse needs to know that you accept them as they are and that you are not always trying to change them and make them over into something they are not. They need to know they are loved unconditionally, not only when they do the things that please you and make you happy. Admiration Admiration might be as simple as telling your spouse that an outfit looks hot on them. Or it might … Continue reading

Essentials for a Happy Lasting Marriage -Part 2

Yesterday I looked at five essentials for a happy lasting marriage. Today I am continuing with another five essentials. 6. Forgiveness Married life isn’t always go to go along smoothly. We all do things wrong and things that hurt or upset our spouse. It’s how we choose to deal with those things that is important. We can hold grudges and sulk but it never achieves anything, or we can choose to forgive them and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t just happen. It is a choice, a decision of willingness to forgive. The old adage about not going to bed angry is … Continue reading

Children’ s Behavior Threatening a Marriage

‘Is your child’s behavior threatening to destroy your marriage?’ That was the question asked on the forum recently. Can a child’s behavior affect a marriage? Yes it certainly can. Often this is the case in blended families, where a child will be negative or outwardly antagonistic or hostile towards the stepparent and try and do all they can to interfere in the marriage relationship. But this is certainly not the only case it can occur. Children have the ability to work our very early on which one of the parents is easier to con or get around. As a result … Continue reading

Changing Patterns in Marriage -Part 2

The pattern of marriage changes when offspring leave home and go off to college. Suddenly the married couple is back to a twosome, that’s assuming they’ve managed to stay together throughout all the other phases. Statistics tell us many do not make it this far. Others break up once family is gone. Sadly, many couples find when they finally get back to being a twosome that they have lost each other somewhere in the process and no longer have anything in common. This is why it is so important through all the earlier years and phases of marriage to keep … Continue reading

How Does Your Temperament Impact on Your Marriage?

In a recent comment pastfirst said that cultural background can affect a marriage. So can your temperament. So can that of your spouse. If you are an optimist and he is a pessimist that will affect the way you look at situations. It may not necessarily be for the worst. Sometimes it is good to have that balance. I’m like Nellie out of ‘South Pacific,’ I’m the ‘cockeyed optimist’ in our marriage, which can lead to problems. Such a person is not careful that sometimes unrealistic and too optimistic expectations can lead to disappointment if things don’t turn out as … Continue reading

7 Tips for a Good Marriage

When I told my husband I didn’t know what I was going to write for today’s blog, he suggested. ‘Five tips for a good marriage.’ ‘Okay, tell me what they are,’ I replied. ‘Pick a good wife,’ Mick said with a smile. ‘That’s only one,’ I objected. ‘Where are the rest?’ ‘There’s always the two key words,’ he said, trying to keep a straight face. I knew without him saying it what the two words were. It’s a standing joke in our house. The words? ‘Yes dear.’ Can you tell sometimes he finds it hard to be serious! So of … Continue reading

Spirituality in Marriage

Spirituality is more than just a word. It’s more than just a simple definition. We all see spirituality differently. We see spirituality as a form of holiness. For some of us that means we need to have a Rabbi, a Priest, a Minister, an Imam or other who represents the spiritual side of life for us. Spirituality is not about religion, it’s about experience, it’s about faith, and it’s about being true to yourself and to your beliefs. So, to make it clear, I am not talking about religion or religious beliefs. I am not talking about going to Church … Continue reading

Marriage Tips: You Can’t Take It Back

When you say things that are mean or hurtful – just saying you are sorry does not make it better. In fact – no matter how you apologize for hurtful actions – you can’t take them back. Far too often we say thoughtless things or we commit thoughtless actions and while we may never have meant to give offense or hurt someone else’s feelings – inevitably we do and you can’t just take back that action – you can’t undo it and make it as though it never happened. So What Do You Do if You Can’t Take it Back? … Continue reading

Relationship Tips: They Are So Not Worth It

I want to take a break a bit from the marriage conversation, but only in the sense that we develop relationships before we marry. Those relationships can be short-term or long-term and not always will they result in marriage. It’s a sad fact in our society, that many of us spend a long time looking for love and as the song says, looking in all the wrong places. Why Do We Hook Up With the Wrong People? The most likely answer to this question is a case of poor self-esteem. I’ve seen it happen time and again with people that … Continue reading

Stress and Teens

Teenagers are under a lot of stress. I’m more than a decade out of my teens and can still remember worrying about grades, going off to college, choosing a major, keeping in touch with my friends, leaving home, and a hundred other things. Kids and adults share a lot of the same sources of stress — moving, the death of a family member, family financial problems, dealing with peers. But teens also have some unique sources of stress, including: Changes in their bodies The transition between childhood and adulthood Overloading on extra-curricular activities Figuring out what comes after high school … Continue reading