Quality of Marriage

The quality of your marriage might well depend on whether and in what quantities these other Qs are present. If you or your spouse is any of those mentioned below you might for you marriage’s sake try and eliminate them from your marriage Querulous The dictionary definition is complaining or peevish. Do you know someone who is like this, who is always complaining? I do and, no, it’s not Mick or anyone in the family. No matter what anybody does it is never right, never good enough. There’s always something they have to whinge about. It is very wearing and … Continue reading

Top Tips for Communicating Effectively

Sometimes we have trouble communicating even with those we love. So here are some tips to help you communicate more effectively with your spouse. 1. Listen to them. Really listen. Don’t be in such a hurry to have your own say that you don’t listen carefully. I’m constantly amazed at the number of people who interrupt because they are so desperate to have their say. Show your spouse he same courtesy you would like yourself and should show to others by listening. 2. Be careful of what you say and the manner in which you say it. Don’t put your … Continue reading

The Poetry of Marriage

Poetry has a certain rhythm or musicality, as I call it, which makes it poetry. A good marriage does too. It has a rhythm of give and take, a certain flow to the way things happen and the things the couple does. Even in the hard times that rhythm of love is there. You don’t always have to be in sync or to rhyme. These days much modern poetry doesn’t rhyme either. But it’s still poetry. The effective images and the rhythm are still there. You may find times when you won’t understand your spouse and why they’ve done something … Continue reading

The 7 Ds in Marriage

Do you know about the seven Ds? The seven Ds are ways you show your spouse what you think of him or her. I admit I adapted this idea from a writers’ newsletter, which talked about how to develop and reveal a character. But think about it and see if your don’t agree that these seven Ds can apply in a marriage and in the way you respond to your spouse. Description The first way is description and the point was made that the best way to describe character is to show them doing something. As you look at your … Continue reading

More Tips for Dealing with Stress in Marriage

Here are some more tips to help you deal with stress in your marriage and your life. Spend time each day deliberately not thinking about the negatives and what is wrong with your marriage or life, but look for 1-3 positives each day in your marriage and in your life. When you start looking for positives I’m sure you’ll find some. A gratitude journal is a good idea for keeping an eye on the positives on your life. Listening to music soothes our soul as one of our local choir songs reminds me. Sing along. Who cares what it sounds … Continue reading

What Have I Done to My Marriage? – Part Three, Salvation Strategies

Yesterday I wrote what turned into Parts One and Two of the “What Have I Done to My Marriage” mini-series. Where I left off in the saga was how Wayne and I weren’t even on speaking terms this past weekend. In our years together we’ve had our moments of silent treatments, but they usually remain just that –moments. Saturday morning we went a few hours giving each other the silent treatment, and then again that night and into Sunday morning. That’s highly unusual. Fear and Doubt Sets In Sunday morning I woke up frantic, unable to push the following thoughts … Continue reading

How Important is Conversation in Your Marriage?

That’s the question for all of you. Take a moment and think about it. How important is conversation in your marriage? Conversation includes any time the two of you talk and share more than three exchanges that go beyond: hey, how ya doing? Chances are your spouse and you have conversations all the time; it’s rare for any of us to want to spend time with anyone we can’t have a conversation with. So it stands to reason that we wouldn’t marry someone we can’t have a conversation with. It’s not surprising then that when you and your spouse aren’t … Continue reading

Marriage Advice: Different Styles of Discipline in Your Marriage

How you discipline your children or how you plan to discipline your children are not likely topics of discussion for two people planning to get married. If you did talk about this prior to getting married and worked out a number of these issues ahead of time, my hat is off to you. My husband and I were together for many years before we were married and our daughter arrived just shortly after our first anniversary. As an infant, discipline wasn’t really an issue – discipline doesn’t really start until your children are older. Discipline Can Make Your Marriage Bumpy … Continue reading

Remote Control for Your Marriage?

There was a movie out a while back called “Click.” I didn’t see the movie, but I remember the previews. Adam Sandler had a universal remote control that looked like a typical remote, only it worked on everything and everybody in his life. I thought at the time how cool it would be to have such a device. You could hit rewind when you did or said something you regretted later, and get an instant “do over.” You could hit fast forward when life is going crazy and you need a break. Pausing or going to slow motion during good … Continue reading

Is Marriage ‘the’ Key to a Better Society?

If you were to take the complexity of the problems in our world today, it would take days and days to tackle the breakdown of poverty, the ‘growing’ underclass and the lack of cohesiveness in our society today. I’ve even seen papers written about the fact that the breakdown of our person-to-person relations is in direct proportion to our growing technologies. It began, in essence, with the industrial revolution as we abandoned small town ties and the bonds created by sharing traditions and needs with rural communities. The transition from rural to urban diminished those ties and the transition from … Continue reading