Preparedness and Old Fashioned Skills

When it comes to preparedness, it is important to know how to complete the tasks that you are preparing for. For example if you need to start a fire to keep warm, you should know how to do it. Or if you have stored a lot of wheat, you should know how to cook with it. The skills that we are losing due to modern conveniences may be too important to lose. It is important to prepare yourself for the possibility that you may need to do some of these things in the future. One of the skills that you … Continue reading

July 2008 Preparedness Goals

This month the focus of the food storage goals will be more on your three month supply. It is important to have this in place. I am amazed at the number of wards that I know of that have covered this topic very recently. It is important to think about your food storage and do what you can. Remember you don’t have to do everything all at once, but that bit by bit you can store what you need to. Also a three month supply is much easier to find room for than a year’s supply. 1) Make out your … Continue reading

June 2008 Preparedness Goals

For June’s preparedness goals, we are going to focus on what you need to store. This is really just getting a plan together. You will store different things then I store. Each situation is unique. You should put together an overall plan, but I a going to divide it into three sets of questions you should ask yourself, and then give you a challenge on what you should purchase this month. 1) First think of your three month food supply. The church counsels us to store three months of food that we eat on a regular basis. This food should … Continue reading

Preparedness and Finances

One important aspect of preparing yourself and your family is financial preparedness. The church urges us to avoid debt, and to get out of debt as quickly as possible. It also teaches us to take financial responsibility for ourselves by saving money for emergencies and planning for retirement. If you have a lot of debt, it is important to focus on getting out of debt as much as you can. You can limit your discretionary spending and begin to budget to do this. If you need help setting up your budget or learning how to manage your money, you can … Continue reading

LDS Week in Review – May 5th – 10th

Life just keeps getting busier! If you weren’t able to join us throughout the week, here’s a recap so you can keep up-to-date on all the great blogs here in LDS. We started the week with “Gospel Questions: What About Those Latte-Drinking Mormons?” A non-member friend of Tristi’s asked her why Mormons can’t drink coffee, and yet, some of them do. We learn about the Word of Wisdom and also a little bit about hypocrisy. We got caught up to speed with our lessons in this week’s “Dinner Discussions,” and then Tristi answered another question from her non-member friend in, … Continue reading

May 2008 Preparedness Goals

I have gotten off track on the food storage goals. This month we are going to focus on our emergency kits. If you already have one you can focus on something else that you need, or you can add to yours or update the supplies. Emergency kits are commonly used in disasters, and it is important that everyone has one. You should start with the basics and move up. Here are three basic goals you should work in regards to your emergency kits. 1) Ideally you should have an emergency kit for each member of your family. The one exception … Continue reading

March 2008 Preparedness Goals

This week is national procrastination week. It is a time to reflect on what you procrastinate in your life. I thought this was an excellent thing to consider in regards to emergency preparedness and food storage. This is no doubt a result of the fact that it is the area that I manage to procrastinate the most. If you are putting off preparing for a future emergency, now is the time. As a challenge for March I think that we should focus on getting the technical side of things in order to handle an emergency. The goals this month focus … Continue reading

February 2008 Preparedness Goals

Tonight at our Enrichment meeting we had a discussion of what provident living really means. It was interesting to hear the input of so many different people. In addition to the food storage, there were many other aspects in which provident living can affect your life. This month’s goals are going to focus on bringing provident living more into your life. 1) One way to increase your provident living is to live a thrifty lifestyle. This would include using your food storage well, and not wasting it. Additionally you may find that you can save money on clothing or heating. … Continue reading

January 2008 Preparedness Goals

The New Year is a great time to focus on long term preparedness goals. You can plan out what you want to accomplish this year and then break it down into twelve easy steps. December really is a hectic time of the year, but I did manage to complete all of the goals for the month. We tweaked the budget, I cooked at home the majority of the time and I found many things to be grateful for. As I consider my goals for January, I am going to include planning as an important aspect. This will help me to … Continue reading

December Preparedness Goals

November has flown by and it is into December. There is still time to make preparedness goals and to achieve them this month. In November we did great with family scripture study in the morning. We still need to bring our flour and sugar levels up. We did not use white beans, but I did delve into our food storage and use items that we had in new ways. As you consider giving your family presents this year, consider the gift of food storage. If you have grown children or are just starting out yourself, there is a starter kit … Continue reading