Interesting Facts About Migraines

If you or a loved one suffers from migraines, you know how devastating they can be. Migraines can affect all aspects of your life, from work to play to family relationships and socializing with friends. Here are some interesting facts about migraines that may just help you or your loved on on the road to recovery. First of all, if you missed it, you might want to check out this revolutionary new treatment for migraines. It was just approved by the FDA, and the results are very promising. It could just work for you or your loved one. There are … Continue reading

Why Does My Body Need Magnesium?

I’ve been a fan of magnesium since I read about a study about magnesium helping something like eighty percent of migraine sufferers find some relief. But this mineral does other good things for your body! Of all the minerals in your body, magnesium is the fourth most abundant. About half the magnesium in the human body is found in the bones; the other half is mostly found inside tissues and organs. About one percent of the magnesium in the body is found in the blood. So what does all that magnesium do? Helps the body maintain normal nerve and muscle … Continue reading

Migraines during Pregnancy can Increase Stroke Risk

A study from Duke University Medical Center looked at the connection between migraines during pregnancy and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Study authors started with the assumption that women who have migraines tend to also have vascular disease. And if you are at risk for one (migraines) or the other (cardiovascular disease), then you should be working to modify, control, or reduce your risk factors while pregnant. The study looked at pregnancy discharge data for nearly seventeen million American women over a four year period (2000-2003). Out of those seventeen million women, nearly thirty-four thousand women had … Continue reading

Treat Migraines with a Visit to the Chiropractor?

Modern science has a lot of different ideas about what causes migraines. One recent study looked at the relationship between migraines, vision loss, and blood vessels. Another popular theory is that migraines result from a chemical imbalance in the brain and can be set off by a “trigger” — like a particular food or hormone. Some chiropractors believe that there are types of migraine that develop as a result of a subluxation — a misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine. A subluxation can irritate and inflame the nerves that travel to the brain, making a person more prone to … Continue reading

Migraines and Vision

If you have a history of migraines and other headaches, you may be more likely to have retina damage than people who don’t have a history of migraines and headaches. A new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is linking retinopathy (retinal damage) with migraines. Retinopathy can lead to severe vision impairment and even blindness. Worse, both retinal disease and migraines have been linked with stroke. Migraine headaches affect approximately seventeen percent of women and six percent of men in the United States. Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes migraines, though they suspect that both blood … Continue reading

Health Advice I’m Glad I Took

I’ve been writing the Health Blog for about two and a half years now. With every piece I write, I learn something new — about myself, about the history or future of medicine, and more. But there are some bits and pieces that have really stuck with me. Probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten from a doctor — and one I’ve given out repeatedly here in the Health Blog is the sinus rinse. Whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on, I break out my sinus rinse kit and shoot warm salt water up my nose. It’s definitely … Continue reading

What’s Making My Hair Gorgeous: Fekkai or Bom Dia?

Something remarkable has happened atop my head the last couple of months: my hair looks shinier, healthier, more colorful than it has in years. (Like in over 20 years, since I was a teenager and my hair always looked healthy.) I haven’t colored it since last summer so I know it’s not that. In fact, when I first noticed this hair transformation it was around the time I should have been noticing the few grays I have and thinking about coloring again. Instead, I noticed my hair had changed color on its own. Not entirely changed, but the brown was … Continue reading

The Headache that Just Won’t Quit

I’m no stranger to headaches. When I was in high school and college, I had one sinus infection after another — and a sinus headache just about all the time. Once I had sinus surgery to cut away the infected tissue (and fix a deviated septum), the first morning I woke up without a headache was like a miracle. My problems with sinus infections have been few and far between since then. Alas, sinus headaches aren’t the only type of headaches I get. Every once in a while, I wake up with a real whopper. When I was still in … Continue reading

Another Look at Natural Sleep Aids

Despite being really tired, I slept very poorly last night. I knew I had to get up early for a conference call and was worried that I would oversleep or miss my alarm. Instead, I spent the night dozing lightly and tossing and turning. I must have looked at the clock a hundred times! At least… that’s what it felt like. My bad luck — I have another early morning call tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll sleep easier tonight, but I wouldn’t mind some help, either. And I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my sleeplessness last night — insomnia is a … Continue reading

Why I Love Peanut Butter!

Back in my school days, a peanut butter sandwich was my least favorite lunch. I just didn’t appreciate it! But these days, I love peanut butter — and here’s why. Peanut butter is full of protein — around eight grams of protein per serving. That helps you feel fuller longer. Peanut butter has fiber — around two grams of fiber per serving. Fiber helps your body run smoothly. Peanut butter has vitamin E — an antioxidant that helps clean free radicals out of your body. Peanut butter has magnesium — a mineral that helps build bones and may be key … Continue reading