See What Licking a Shopping Cart at Target Will Get You?

If you are a mom and doubt whether what you do makes a difference in your family life, just decide to catch a cold or a stomach flu or something like that. You don’t have to go very far to get your choice of germs. Your local playground will do. Or, you can do as I did. Have your child lick the end of the cart at Target and then when she comes down with something, have her cough in your face several times just to make sure that the germs get a chance to take hold in your body. … Continue reading

Can Parents Ever Get It Right?

Complain, complain, complain. No, I’m not referring to my kindergartner, who has the ability to find quirks in the most perfect situations. I’m referring to so-called childhood “experts,” who never seem to have anything positive to say about parents these days. Granted, there are a ton of maniacal moms and bad dads roaming the planet, who deserve to be chastised, but I know for a fact that the number of civilized parents, who are just trying to raise decent human beings, far outnumber their crazy counterparts. So why is it that “experts” in the parenting world feel the need to … Continue reading

Moms Get Sick Too

No offense to all the dads out there (especially to the superdads who are in a league all their own), but let’s face it, when moms get sick, the effect it has on a household is typically more noticeable than when a father is out of commission. With the swine flu scare reaching epic proportions I, along with the loyal group of playgroup moms I hang out with, couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we were suddenly hit with fever, chills, aches and pains AND had still had to take care of kids and maintain a house. Granted, … Continue reading

Dear Heather, Does It Get Easier?

It’s been a while since we featured Dear Heather here in the Fitness Blog and to be honest, it’s been a while since we’ve been featuring a great deal here in the fitness blog. I think I was tackled by the same blues that gets everyone else. But we’re back and we’re going to do this together. A couple of years ago, we launched our Spring Forward to Action fitness plan around this time (the time change is coming on Sunday, March 9) but I think this year we’re going to focus our ambitions on “Getting Back on Track” so … Continue reading

The Best of the 2007 Baby Blog

It has been an exciting year in the baby blog with a few changes in bloggers, several news stories, a few series started, and of course lots of information and reflection. This is a list of the best of the best. . .the best news, the best advice and the best of my personal favorites. With that I wish you all a Happy New Year, and look forward to an exciting year in 2008! Ask a Baby Blogger Series–This, in my opinion is one of the best things the baby blog has to offer. Granted, it’s my advice which I … Continue reading

Too Sick for School? How Do You Know For Sure?

I’ve been wrong and I’ve been right on this one—there have been times (I shamefully admit) that I have been tricked and thought my kids were sick enough to stay home only to have them bouncing around and joyfully playing an hour later—and there have been other times I’ve sent them off to school only to take a call two hours later telling me to come and pick them up. How can a parent know if a child is really too sick for school? Obviously, from my earlier confession, I don’t think there is a hard-and-fast, unfailing rule for how … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: May 31 to June 7

Did you miss a blog these last two weeks? We had a lighter couple of weeks in the baby blog–mostly due to the Delp Family June Madness. We did nothing short of five birthday parties (this is my husband’s job) two recitals and a graduation. In fact, we were so light on the blogs the week before, I couldn’t do a week in review. So if your last few weeks have been anything like ours, you’ll likely have some reading to catch up on! So here’s what we covered this week. Saturday, May 31 The Pressure to Perform I am … Continue reading

For the Pet Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

Actually, I’m not trying to be discriminatory. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! It’s just that some people turn their noses up at, or take offense to, women like myself who treat their pets like kids and consider themselves moms nonetheless. In years past, I have had people balk when we get to talking about how our husbands celebrated us on Mother’s Day. “Wayne gave you a card? He made you breakfast in bed? He took you out for a nice dinner? Why? You guys don’t have any kids.” No, I don’t have kids. Well, what I mean to say … Continue reading

When Your Child Doesn’t Want to go to Preschool

Your child has been happily attending preschool for a while now. He or she always comes home with a smile and a story about something fun that happened that day. Now, suddenly, your child has started to resist going to preschool. What happened? Here is a quick checklist for parents who are baffled by their child’s declaration of “I don’t want to go to preschool!” Keep in mind that it is totally normal for a child to decided that he or she no longer wants to attend preschool. There are days when you don’t particularly want to go to work, … Continue reading

Waste Not

My mom spent years battling stage II breast cancer, three of my aunts died from the insidious disease, and I am long overdue for a mammogram. I keep ignoring my doctor’s suggestion to make an appointment and potentially save my own life, yet I refuse to eat unopened yogurt that’s been in my refrigerator even one day past its expiration date for fear of getting sick. How’s that for irony? And by irony I mean stupidity. My senseless thinking hurts my budget as much as it does my head.  What’s more, I take little solace in the fact that studies … Continue reading