Parents Get Bored Too

I have been at this parenting thing for quite a while. At least it feels that way some days–nearly twenty years. And, while it usually feels fresh, different, and unpredictable, I have to admit that sometimes I get bored with hearing my own voice, dealing with predictable personality quirks and some things just get mighty OLD… We talk about keeping kids active and helping them keep from getting bored during the summer months–but I have to tell you–I get bored with having to step over wet towels, coordinate divergent schedules, and wait up yet again for a teen who’s missed … Continue reading

Moms Need Reminding Too

I’ve written about when our kids get into the “I forgot” stage, but it dawned on me that I definitely am NOT the queen of remembering things that I used to think I was. The more independent and active my kids become, the more likely I am to lose track of what’s going on. I can’t blame it entirely on adolescence, however, as I’ve had a tendency to have an occasional tough time keeping track of everything in a busy household with one parent and three kids for some time now… I need reminders. It helps if my kids write … Continue reading

The Ordinariness of Life Is Quite Extraordinary

Do you appreciate the ordinary events of day-to-day living? I think too often we look at those as nothing more than drudgery. We are just making it from one day to the next. Sometimes it takes a rocking of our world to cause us to appreciate those unremarkable moments in life. Never have I felt this as much as I did a couple of weeks ago when our family went through a traumatic situation. I know I have referenced this a few times in my blogs and I feel a little guilty that I haven’t been able to expand on … Continue reading

Back-to-School: Keeping Kids on Track

We’ve just hit the midpoint of summer vacation, though you’d never know it by strolling through Wal-Mart or Target. The popular discount retailers have their back-to-school displays front and center, reminding parents that they have yet another financial obligation looming. Personally, I am trying to ignore the stacks of new pencils, tablets and binders. However, I realize that parents of college-bound kids don’t have the same luxury. When Wal-Mart starts stocking Neutrogena Acne Facial Wash next to No.2 pencils, you know that the back-to-school clock is ticking. Thankfully, my daughter won’t be leaving for college for another decade or so. … Continue reading

Exercise Boosts Your Brain at Any Age!

If you’re worried about your brain’s health, you might want to think about your physical fitness levels. A new study from the Center for Brain Repair and Rehabilitation at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden looked at the link between physical fitness and brain fitness (or, if you want to be technical about it, call it “cognitive function”). Researchers looked at data on more than a million Swedish men born between 1950 and 1976 who enlisted for military service at age 18. Included in those 1.2 million men were more than a quarter of a million siblings — and some … Continue reading

Things to Remember, Things to Forget

I often feel like my recall ability is sub-par. I tend to remember general feelings, rather than specific conversations. Some events stand out in my mind while others fade away. My brother is often amazing me by recalling the most random things from our childhood — down to details like what we were wearing and what we ate for dinner. Let’s face it: your brain is loaded down with a lot of information. The stuff you need the most — directions to the store or your ATM code, for example — needs to stay with you. Other things can be … Continue reading

Nine Ways To Protect Your Brain

Our brains change as we age. They get smaller. They slow down. If you want to help keep your brain up to speed, try these nine tips to help protect your brain. Keep trying new things. Your brain LOVES novelty. New experiences stimulate the production of dopamine, a chemical your brain uses in learning and memory. Doing new things can help build up brain mass (counteract that shrinkage) and increase processing speed (combat that slowing down). If your life lacks novelty, the dopamine producing areas of your brain can shrink. Practice a skill or hobby. Playing an instrument, solving crossword … Continue reading

“Mom! Have You Seen My…?”

I think it is safe to say that there are very few items and articles I have not been asked to find in this house–at least once! Everything from items of clothing to calculators to keys and bus passes to lost library books. I’ve even been asked if I know the whereabouts of things I did not even know had found their way into the house (live creatures tend to unhinge me the most)… No one tells you that when you become a parent you will also need to be chief prop master and inspector-of-lost-and-misplaced items. Sure, you’re warned about … Continue reading

Losing My Grip on Popular Culture

I am gradually becoming un-cool. Okay, maybe it has been happening for a long time but I’m only just starting to notice. I can now walk by a magazine geared toward the “youth” market–laying conspicuously on my coffee table with all its glitz and flash and glare–and have no idea who the person is on the cover. Not only that, I don’t recognize any name or face from within the pages either. (the fashions, I recognize, but that’s because I remember them from the LAST time around.) I hear songs coming out of every corner of my house and have … Continue reading

Common Single Parenting Struggles

Single parents definitely have struggles unique to the situation. However, with the right attitude and a plan of action, the struggles can be minimized. I wanted to touch on some of the common areas that we as single parents tend to find challenging. Remember, we do have resources but the first step is identifying the struggles so the appropriate action can be taken. One of the most difficult areas for single parents has to do with finances. Obviously, going from a two-income home to just one really cuts into a budget. Now paying the mortgage, car payment, utilities, groceries, credit … Continue reading