Forgiveness Isn’t Always Easy

It’s hard to forgive someone who continues to hurt you over and over again. It’s easy to get caught up in anger when you are suffering because of someone else’s decisions. The injustice of the situation makes forgiveness seem daunting. Why should you forgive someone who is continually hurting you without a second thought? I’ve found myself wrestling with this question time and time again. You may feel as if this person doesn’t deserve your forgiveness; that by forgiving them you are saying that what they did was ok. This is not what forgiveness is about. While it may be … Continue reading


When I first got divorced I couldn’t dream of ever forgiving my ex. I was incredibly hurt and was suffering consequences for decisions that I had no part of. I was angry at my situation and at the person that had put me there. As time went on I could feel the burden getting heavier and heavier. I was walking around with this weight on my shoulders that was preventing me from feeling any kind of real happiness in my life. I truly wanted to find happiness again, but I soon realized that I would never be able to fully … Continue reading

Bitter or Better

After a divorce it is normal to feel bitter towards your ex, but you don’t want to feel that way forever. We all know those women, who years later are still blaming their quality of life on their divorce. They sit at home feeling sorry for themselves and wishing their lives away. While it is normal to feel this way in the beginning when everything is still so fresh, you don’t want to carry that burden around with you forever. You want your children to see that even when hard things are thrown in their way, they can overcome them … Continue reading

Rewrite It!

Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” This thought was comforting to me when I found myself in the middle of an unexpected divorce. I wanted nothing more than to start all over. I wanted to go back in time and redo everything. I wanted to erase him from my life completely. Unfortunately, when there are children involved, you don’t have that luxury. So I sat there, by myself with a bowl of ice cream and cried for a time machine that would never … Continue reading

A Life Without Rain

When you are in the middle of a divorce it is easy to imagine a life without adversity. I remember going to sleep every night and praying that I wouldn’t have to get up in the morning because I just didn’t want to face another day. At times it seemed like more than I could bear. It consumed me, in every sense of the word. I was absolutely devastated and felt so helpless. My world was crashing down around me and there wasn’t a single thing I could do to stop it. We are all faced with different trials in … Continue reading