More Leaked Albums

Once I started doing research on leaked albums, I found out where were many more than I realized: Bruce Springsteen’s “Tracks” The Boss doesn’t mess around with his music. Recorded in 1998, but not released for several more years, Bruce took a bootlegger to court over leaked material from this album. Jay Z’s “Vol. 3…Life and Times of S. Carter” You just thought the Boss was tough on piracy – wait until you hear what Jay-Z did to a record executive he thought leaked his fourth album. He stabbed him in the stomach! Jay-Z received three years probation for the … Continue reading

Clarence Clemons Dead at 69

Clarence Clemons, the charismatic saxophonist for Bruce Springteen’s E Street Band, died last Saturday at the age of 69. He died due to complications from a stroke he suffered last week. Clemons, also known as The Big Man, began playing the alto sax when he was just nine years old. It was a Christmas present from his father. Clemons switched to the baritone sax in high school where he played in a jazz band. King Curtis proved to have a major influence on the young sax player, as he switched again to the tenor sax. Clemons because playing studio sessions … Continue reading

iTunes Open University Introducing Environment Series

I am a fan of iTunes on Facebook and yesterday, I saw an interested post. iTunes now offers an Open University series about the environment. If you have ever wondered how your food gets to the supermarket, what damage disposable bags is doing, or what unseen impacts your shopping may have, this is the series for you! The iTunes Open University Introducing Environment series offers an introduction then 16 movies, ranging in time from 1:38 to 17:52, on such subjects as: Unseen impacts (understand the consequences your shopping habits can cause) Shopping by car (learn how short journeys of less … Continue reading

Singer/Songwriter Alex Chilton Dies at 59

Singer/songwriter Alex Chilton, a Memphis music legend, passed away in New Orleans this week of a heart attack at the age of 59. Alex Chilton may not be a familiar name to you, but his music career spanned more than 40 years and he left his mark on countless other musicians. His father Sidney Chilton was a jazz musician, so music was in his blood. Chilton joined the band The Devilles as a teen in 1966. The band was soon renamed the Box Tops and when Chilton was only 16 years old, they had a number one hit with “The … Continue reading