More Weird Beauty Tips

I’m fascinated with the list of weird beauty tips from Cosmopolitan magazine. Here are a few more I couldn’t resist sharing (and some I plan to try on myself)! Try shaving your legs with conditioner instead of soap or shaving cream. I’ve done this myself, and it actually works really well! The tip-testers at Cosmo say that the conditioner helps soften the leg hair so it’s easier to shave off. Use an exfoliating facial scrub (they’re gentler than body scrubs) on your underarms to help your pits look soft and pretty. This is a good one for hot summer days … Continue reading

Weird Beauty Tips

A friend sent me a link to a list of weird beauty tips from Cosmopolitan magazine. Some of these I’ve heard before, some of them I haven’t. Here are a few of my favorites! A dab of toothpaste can cure a zit. This one I’ve heard before (but never tried). The beauty experts at Cosmo suggest leaving the toothpaste on for just 15 minutes, then washing it off. The person who told me about it said to leave the toothpaste on overnight, but I can see how that’d either smear off in your sleep or possibly clog more pores and … Continue reading

Why Does My Body Need Biotin?

Call it vitamin B7 or vitamin H: biotin is a B-complex vitamin that is important for a bunch of different metabolic functions in the body. What does biotin do in the body? Get comfy: it’s gonna be quite a list. Biotin is used in cell growth, synthesizing fatty acids (those are the good ones!), and metabolizing a particular amino acid (leucine). Biotin is also important in the process of converting food into energy, known as the Krebs cycle. One more thing: biotin helps in the transfer of carbon dioxide. That’s one hard working vitamin! What’s even more awesome about biotin … Continue reading

Six Ways to Save Money on Makeup

Looking good really doesn’t have to cost a fortune… though you might not know it from walking the beauty counters at a department store, or a specialty makeup store. Talk about sticker shock! (Some of those places need to keep smelling salts by the door to revive folks after they faint from looking at prices!) It’d be easy to say: skip the makeup entirely and save a ton of cash. But sometimes, a touch of makeup is the icing on the cake! The cake is pretty good already, but frosting goes the extra mile into stunning. If wearing makeup makes … Continue reading

Adventures in Hair Removal: Nair

As I said when I broke up with my razor, I want to give a few other methods of hair removal a test run. Today I had my first date with a depilatory cream. The instructions are easy enough: smear on the cream, wash your hands, and wait. In as little as three minutes (or up to ten minutes) your legs will supposedly be hair free. After that, just wipe away the cream, rinse well, and enjoy your smooth new legs. Okay, I can do that. I’ll even take pictures because I’m sure you want a good look at my … Continue reading

For the Girls: What Is the Right Age to Start Shaving Your Legs?

I was in sixth grade when my holiday gift haul included an electric razor. Unlike some of my friends, I hadn’t yet been teased about my leg hair — one friend was horribly embarrassed when a boy commented that her legs were hairier than his! Is there a right time to start shaving your legs? Really, it’s different for every girl. Some things to consider: Do YOU feel self-conscious about your body hair? Is the hair on your legs thick and dark, or light and fine? Are other people making you feel self-conscious about body hair? The earlier you start … Continue reading

Health Advice I’m Glad I Took

I’ve been writing the Health Blog for about two and a half years now. With every piece I write, I learn something new — about myself, about the history or future of medicine, and more. But there are some bits and pieces that have really stuck with me. Probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten from a doctor — and one I’ve given out repeatedly here in the Health Blog is the sinus rinse. Whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on, I break out my sinus rinse kit and shoot warm salt water up my nose. It’s definitely … Continue reading