Are We as Therapeutic to Them as They Are to Us?

It’s been a week since Murph’s cast has come off, but he hasn’t quite been the same. In fact, I’d venture to say he’s been a little depressed. His appetite’s still okay, and his ears perk up at the offer of chewie sticks or Scooby Snacks, but he just hasn’t quite been himself. Even with the cast on, he’d been kind of rambunctious. Especially in the last couple of weeks before it came off. It was clear he was feeling better and getting his pep back. He’d go search out one of the many sympathy toys he’d been given, bring … Continue reading

Cast Off Day!

We woke to much anticipation and excitement in our house this morning. After eight weeks, today Murph was set to get his cast off. I woke up early so I could get him to the surgeon’s office a little after 7:30 a.m. But before we left, I lay on the floor with him and petted his belly. “I need you to be a brave boy for me one more time, okay? Today I have to drop you off at the vet’s because they have to give you the sleepy medicine again to get your cast off. I know you don’t … Continue reading

What’s the Spookiest Thing That’s Happened to You on Halloween?

Happy Halloween! I don’t know if it’s the kid in me or what, but Halloween remains one of my favorite holidays. I love decorating and dressing up even though I don’t have any kids and some may think I’m too old for such nonsense. But I don’t care. I still think it’s a hoot. However, this Halloween, even though the decorations are up, I find myself facing something very scary indeed. A trip to the doctor. Dreading the Doctor After having to schlep my mom to and from doctors’ offices this past year, I’ve semi-sort of conquered one fear in … Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Halloween

Here’s something way, way, way off the normal course of offerings from me to you here in the Pets Blog. My attempt at paying homage to a classic holiday poem, “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore –but with a twist. And it stars my three little monkeys: Murphy, Mr. Meow and Tabby. (Along with some seasonally appropriate Halloween cohorts, of course.) I’ll warn you now I’m no poet. Most of the rhyming is a stretch, the meter’s off, and who knows if any of it makes any sense, but this is what taking a nap the day before … Continue reading

Rain or Shine, My Pets Are There

This hasn’t been a very easy year for me. In fact, of all my years on this Earth to date, this past one has been the most trying by far. And the most blues-filled. One After the Other It started last summer when we tried to move back to Jacksonville. Thankfully plans changed, but instead of life sailing along unencumbered as I’d hoped, I got sick in November –the same week Wayne moved home and we left to go to Denver for Thanksgiving. Then Wayne got sick, and I had a relapse and fell ill again. Come January and February … Continue reading

Beware If Your Pet Gets Hurt During a Kennel Stay

Just as Aimee (and most of us pet owners) experiences separation anxiety when she has to be away from her pets for an extended length of time, so do I. But after what happened this last time we went away and came home from vacation to a hurt Murphy who needed surgery on his paw, I’m going to be even more anxious. And not at all inclined to entrust my Murph to any kennel. A Lesson in Responsibility Wayne and I learned very fast that the kennel was not going to accept any responsibility for Murph’s injury without us pressing … Continue reading

Life with Murphy the Cone Head

Last Friday I was lamenting life without Murphy. He ended up getting the go ahead to come home that day. (Thankfully.) But coming home meant making some changes to our lifestyle. Caring for Murphy the Cone Head The surgeon sent us home with some strict instructions for caring for Murphy for the next eight weeks. 1. Because he has stitches, he has to keep his cone (a.k.a. Elizabethan collar) on at all times. (I’m sure he has stitches at the surgery site, but a cast’s covering those up. The stitches the vet’s trying to keep him away from are on … Continue reading

Life Without Murphy

Life without Murphy hasn’t been very much fun. “Wait a second,” you might be wondering. “Life without Murphy? Where did he go?” The Surgery We dropped him off at the specialist’s office early Wednesday morning for his paw surgery. Luckily Wayne was able to come with. Turns out we needed each other. It was surprising how much we both broke down once the vet tech came and escorted Murphy away. I think I’d always get nervous if any of my pets had to go into surgery, but I think I get especially nervous because my beloved Mackie died after what … Continue reading

Dogs Who Fake Limps for Sympathy

At Mr. Meow’s Thursday vet appointment to check his lump (which was nothing, just a reaction to his rabies shot. Phew!), I also touched based with the vet about Murphy’s hurt paw. (He’s still limping.) Healing Takes Time We know it’s not broken, because x-rays confirmed that. It could be something’s wrong with the tendons. But before the vet refers us to a specialist, she wants us to finish up the anti-inflammatory medication she prescribed Murph. She’s hoping we don’t have to go the specialist route. She’s encouraged by the fact the swelling has gone down, and hopes it stays … Continue reading

What Gives Us the Right to Treat Our Pets That Way?

As I’m watching The Greatest American Dog, I can’t help but wonder what gives us the right to treat our pets certain ways. It’s something I think about from time to time anyway, but more so now that I’ve been watching the challenges on the show. Abusing Their Trust? Our dogs trust us unconditionally. It’s about as close to a true unconditional love and acceptance relationship as you can get. Is it right for us to expect them to do certain things? Not only expect them to, but in some cases demand them to perform. Take the personality episode for … Continue reading