Muscle Memory & Your Workout

Do you have a problem with muscle memory? I’ve heard from a lot of people who complain about their workout stalling and where once they got results, they don’t anymore. This is called a plateau and you have to find a way to get off that if you want to keep getting results. Muscle memory is another way of defining being on a plateau. The problem with muscle memory is that it’s your body’s natural way of coping. It’s essential. We use muscle memory every single day and we have to because our neuromuscular system has to adapt to the … Continue reading

Flex Your Mind

It’s rare that a fitness forum can endorse a video game as being good for you. After all, we’re often encouraging parents to get their kids off of computers and video games and outside in play, but Nintendo is putting out a new line of games that are great for adults and teenagers alike to stimulate their mental muscles. It’s important to flex your mind on a regular basis and to stimulate thinking and mental processes. The series is called the Nintendo Brain Age and it features a collection of mini games designed to improve cognitive ability and memory. What’s … Continue reading

Post-Op Exercise

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to practice post-operation exercises this year and no matter how hard they knock me down, I am not giving up until my workout programs return to where they were previous to my surgeries in February and August. With that in mind, here are some tips for exercising after surgery. Ankle You just slowly push your foot up and down. You can do this lying flat on your back or sitting in a chair. You aren’t extending your leg or any other part of your body, just your foot and your ankle. You do this … Continue reading