Marriage: It’s Not Called Dating for a Reason

As we’ve discussed previously, living together is not like being married — in fact – many couples who have cohabitated and then married agree that there is a different emotion, feeling and expectation associated with marriage that is not present in cohabitation. Similarly, while I have also talked about the need for married couples to enjoy couple time and date nights, marriage is not dating. When We Date Dating in the United States is a mixture of courtship, friendship and romance. Many individuals may date without ever expecting the relationship to go anywhere. A date happens because one individual or … Continue reading

A History of Marriage & Family

Yesterday I posted a discussion and my opinions on the Senate Vote and Marriage. I got a lot of responses to the blog that were thoughtful and filled with passionate conviction. Truth be told, subjects like marriage, family and more are deeply personal and they elicit from even the most uninterested I the subject a passionate viewpoint. The Demise of Family Values Interestingly enough, the worry about the changing family and the demise of the family unit is hardly a new concern. While challenges such as gay marriage may not have confronted American families in the late 1800s, the worries … Continue reading