The Craving

Induced by a local magazine article, I spent a good twenty minutes trying to find a local sandwich shop that I had not heard of before. I am not usually proned to cravings during pregnancy (aside from my normal non-pregnant cravings), but recently I was craving a deli style sandwich of sorts. It all began when I was thumbing through a magazine styled newsletter at my mom’s house. The magazine as a whole was not particularly enthralling and the only article I read was not well written by any stretch of the imagination. I was drawn in by the picture: … Continue reading

How Bad Are Your Cravings?

How strong are your pregnancy cravings? Take this short quiz and find out where you end up on the scale. You see a commercial for doughnuts and you…. 1) Think to yourself, “wow, those look yummy,” consider sending your hubby out to get one, and then flip the channel instead. 2) Plan to pick some up the next morning. 3) Demand that your hubby drive to the grocery store and pick some up pronto. If you picked number 1, you are probably not pregnant. (I’m just kidding!) If you picked number 2, you have a healthy control over your cravings. … Continue reading

Five Things I Couldn’t Live Without During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about finding ways to be comfortable and distract yourself, because let’s face it, pregnancy is anything but comfortable. Your hips are killing you, you can’t get a wink of sleep, it’s hard to sit through a movie, and car rides can be intolerable. By focusing on the simple luxuries of life, you can get through the tough parts of pregnancy. Every woman has her own list of favorite things during pregnancy. Here were mine: 1. McDonald’s fish sandwiches. I couldn’t tell you what the lure behind these was, but I could not get enough of McDonald’s fish … Continue reading

Product Review: Bellybar

I never turn down the chance to sample food (grocery store samples, anyone?), so when the makers of Bellybar asked me to review their product, I jumped at the chance. They sent me three Bellybar Boost snack bars in Baby Needs Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings and S’more to Love, and four DHA chews in Chocolate Cuddles and Citrus on Board. The Baby Needs Chocolate Bellybar was really tasty. It definitely satisfied my candy bar craving. S’more to Love was also very good; I loved the tiny marshmallows on top. Berry Nutty Cravings has a sweet and smooth yogurt coating on … Continue reading

Lessons We Learn From Celebrities

You can cull a lot of wisdom concerning pregnancy by reading celebrity news. While people used to turn to etiquette columns when it came to dealing with rumors, announcements and questions about social situations, celebrities have now taken over that role, as evidenced by the popularity of celebrity blogs, reality shows and spokespersons. Who needs experts when you have celebrities? Here are some examples of current pregnancy etiquette as demonstrated by today’s elite. How to stir up pregnancy rumors: If you want the tabloids (or nosey family members) to think you’re expecting, you can do one of three things: refuse … Continue reading

My Doughnut Cravings Were Nothing To Joke About

You always hear about pregnant women sending their husbands out for Sonic or Taco Bell in the middle of the night. I never thought I would be one of those women. More importantly, I never thought my husband would be one of those men who would oblige to that kind of request. There was one time during my pregnancy, however, when I decided to throw those preconceived notions out the window. It was late at night and my husband was at a friend’s house. I was watching Food Network and there was a special about the top ten doughnut shops … Continue reading