Light Your Home for Less: 4 Ways to Save

The lighting of your home is so important. The proper lighting schema can make tasks easier to do, create a mood, highlight artwork and the wonderful features of your home, and keep your home warm and inviting on even the darkest days. New strides in technology has made it easier than ever to save money on lighting costs, but to really save, you’ll need to employ a little knowledge, too, or you may actually spend more money in your quest to save money. Here are four ways that you can light your home for less. 1. Off or On? Many … Continue reading

Home: Review of Week Ending Nov. 4

I decided to change things around a little bit, so Week in Review articles will now cover all posts from Sunday through Saturday. Since Sunday was already covered last time, this particular review will begin with Monday’s entries, covering October 30 through November 4. This week Marjorie, Michele, and I, covered several issues regarding holidays, guests, home care, and more. Michele and I both wondered if it’s really necessary to kick off the Christmas season before or even just after Halloween, in “Is it Time for Christmas Decorations?” and “Poinsettias Already?” Marjorie offered tips like “Houseplants That You Positively Cannot … Continue reading