National Adoption Month 2010

November is National Adoption Month! I won’t go into the history or anything, since that has already been explained quite well in a previous post. I will say that I didn’t even realize myself that there was such a thing until this week! I arrived home from work on Monday to find a post put out by the Child Welfare Information Gateway about National Adoption Month showing up in my Facebook news feed! Had I known that this was coming up, I would have had a post about it ready by November 1st. I have now been made aware! So, … Continue reading

Celebrity Moms Adopt – Part 1

A few famous celebrity moms have recently adopted children. They are all at different stages in their life – one is married, one is in a same-sex relationship, and one is a single mother. Actress Katherine Heigl said adoption was always a part of her family plan, even as a little girl. Maybe that’s because she came from a family that adopted. Heigl grew up with her sister Meg, who was adopted from Korea three years before Heigl was born. She has said in interviews that she always wanted a family that resembled the one in which she grew up. … Continue reading

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Maternity Care?

Most people consider pregnancy to be a blessing. Insurance companies, however, especially those that provide individual health insurance, consider pregnancy to be a pre-existing condition. What does this mean for consumers? It means that you should not assume that your individual health insurance is going to cover maternity care right now. This will change in 2014. Until then, check over the fine print on your insurance policy very carefully! Right now, it’s extremely difficult to get approved for an individual health insurance policy if you are already pregnant. Most of the large for-profit insurance companies, like Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealth Group … Continue reading

The Gates Donate $1.5 Billion to Maternal Health

We all know that Bill Gates has more money than God and Oprah put together, but it seems he tries to use at least part of it for good. Gates’ wife, Melinda announced this week that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $1.5 billion to programs in developing countries to promote maternal and child health, including nutrition, vaccination, and family planning. In an interview with NPR’s Michele Norris, Melinda said, “We said AIDS is important, we said malaria is important, we’re saying now maternal and child deaths are important — and guess what? It’s actually possible to fix … Continue reading