Should I Use Natural Beauty Products?

When we become pregnant, we suddenly become more aware of the foods we eat and the products we use. Companies making natural beauty products tout their brands as the healthier choice. You may be wondering if you should switch from your traditional health and beauty products in favor of natural products. It turns out, there may be cause for alarm. When you read the ingredients on your shampoo bottle, hand cream or other products, you will notice a few things. One is that few of the names listed can even be pronounced. There are an astounding number of chemicals used … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review for October 19-27

A wide variety of topics have been covered recently in the pregnancy blog. If you haven’t been reading, this is a good place to catch up. Professional and at home tooth whitening has become really popular in the last few years. You may be wondering if certain procedures are safe during pregnancy. Learn more about it in Is it Safe to Whiten Teeth in Pregnancy? Regular chriopractic care has benefits for pregnant women. There are benefits for labor as well. Read more in The Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy Eating Disorders in Pregnancy pose serious health risks to both … Continue reading

Natural Acne Remedies for Pregnant Women

For some women, acne becomes a problem or gets worse during pregnancy. Products to treat acne can cause ingredients that are unsafe for the baby. Even if the ingredients are safe, they tend to have harsh chemicals. These can irritate the skin, which can become more sensitive during pregnancy. Natural skin care products are the best option for expectant mommies. You can find natural or organic lines in health food stores or on the internet. These products tend to be more expensive than many over the counter skin care remedies. Some women don’t mind the added expense, but others may … Continue reading

You Call This Glow?

My skin was really nice while I was pregnant… but not until I was well into my second trimester. I remember looking at my newly broken out complexion and wondering to myself, “where in the world is this glow all those women raved about?” I was looking in the mirror and I didn’t see it. I faked it with makeup and bronzer and no one knew the difference. When I finally got into my second trimester, when estrogen levels normally increase, I got some relief. The surge of first trimester hormones are to blame, increasing oil production and causing a … Continue reading

Oregon Grape

Before moving to Oregon this spring, I’d never heard of Oregon grape. This is an evergreen shrub that bears deep blue and purple grapes. The leaves are shiny and the flowers are fragrant — but the true medicinal value of the plant lies beneath the ground. Native Americans used Oregon grape for both food and medicine. The berries were used in jellies, wines, and soups. The root was crushed and dried for use in remedies for ulcers, heartburn, rheumatism, kidney disorders, skin conditions, and poor appetite! Early settlers on the western frontier learned of the root from the natives. During … Continue reading