Study About Autism and ER Visits Reveals Much

A recent study found that children who have an autism spectrum disorder are nine times more likely to visit an emergency room for a psychiatric reason than are children who do not have autism. This result is being interpreted to mean that there isn’t sufficient outpatient mental health care for families that need it. A study was recently published in the journal Pediatric Emergency Care. Researchers analyzed data from over 3.9 million emergency room visits in the United States. Specifically, they focused on ER visits by children who were between 3 and 17 years old. The researchers used the 2008 … Continue reading

Fun Nature Book: Mallory the Forgetful Duck

Mallory the Forgetful Duck Author: Elaine Allen Illustrations: Kelli Nash Publisher: Schiffer Books Cost: $16.99 Recommended Ages: PreK-3 Take a look at Mallory the Forgetful Duck Book Description Mallory is a very forgetful duck. She can’t remember where she left her nest. She sets out along the Chesapeake Bay to find it, but soon stumbles upon a nest that is NOT her own. Along her journey Mallory meets several mother birds, including a Canada Goose, an Osprey, a Great Blue Heron, and an Oystercatcher. Each of their nests is made of different materials, has a distinctive clutch of colorful eggs, … Continue reading

Go On a Nature Walk

The weather is starting to become warmer, and Spring is nearly here. This is a great time to take your children on a nature hike. They can learn a lot about the insects, plants, and animals that are located nearby. This is a great way to combat nature deficit disorder. Have you heard of nature deficit disorder? It isn’t a learning disability, or a physically heritable condition. It refers to the lack of experience with, and understanding of, the natural world. Years ago, it was normal for kids to spend hours playing outside. This gave children plenty of opportunity to … Continue reading

Study to Create Profile of Typical Irish Person

The Genealogical Society of Ireland has teamed up with geneticists in order to come up with the “genetic signature of Irishness”. They are working to build an “Irish DNA atlas”. The main point is to to create a historical resource. The research could, potentially, reveal genes that affect the health of the population of Ireland. What does it mean to be Irish? Americans who have ancestors who came from Ireland might consider themselves to be Irish, (even if they never so much as set foot onto the Emerald Isle). Everyone, whether of Irish heritage or not, might consider themselves to … Continue reading

Shooting Nature’s Fireworks Show

It’s not Fourth of July yet, but that hasn’t stopped Mother Nature from firing off some natural fireworks. This summer I have been testing my skills at meteor photography. It’s not exactly its own genre of photography, but it is very popular in the rural area where I live. Given our lack of city lights and other infrastructure, taking pictures of stars and meteors is not uncommon. What’s more, capturing the beauty of these astronomical wonders is a thrill once you know what you are doing. One of the first, and most important, steps in shooting meteor showers is to … Continue reading

Exciting Results From A Study On Yeast

Science may have just taken us one step closer to solving the puzzle of how to fight genetic diseases. Results from a study that was conducted at the University of Rochester have been published in Nature, a peer-reviewed and highly esteemed scientific journal. The study was designed to examine whether it was possible to alter the production of protein within cells in any sort of controlled manner. Without getting too scientific, it is important to understand that the DNA that is inside of genes contains instructions for making proteins. About a third of genetic diseases are caused by mutations in … Continue reading

Study Finds Genetic Links to Severe Form of Cystic Fibrosis

Researchers discovered the gene that causes cystic fibrosis quite some time ago. A new collaborative study reveals the specific regions on some genes that influence how severe a case of cystic fibrosis a child will have. This could lead to customization of treatments in the future for kids who have cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes a person to produce thick, sticky, mucus that can build up in the person’s lungs and digestive tract. This is the most common chronic lung disease in children and young adults. Kids with cystic fibrosis can have difficulty breathing, due to … Continue reading

Congratulations to the Winners of the Homeschool Blog Awards

Well the votes are in and tallied! The winners of the 2010 Homeschool Blog Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all the hard working bloggers on the list. I highly recommend visiting all the winners. Stop by and congratulate them or stop by and see what made them a cut above the rest. Homeschooling is best done with the love and support of others who are working in the trenches. You will be surprised how much you can learn and how much you can be encouraged by reading some great homeschool blogs. Many on this list are my some of … Continue reading

Nature Study

Nature study is an essential component to a Charlotte Mason education. However, any method one chooses will be enhanced by the student keeping a Nature Study Journal. Children innately have a curiosity about nature which should be encouraged to promote a long love for the outdoors. Charlotte Mason believed that children should spend at least fifteen minutes outside daily regardless of weather. I tend to agree as rainy or snowy days offer beauty and wonder in its own way. Nature Study simply consists of the nature walk and the documentation of the wonders that were explored that day. Children delight … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: September 2008

Here are all of the Baby Blog articles that were posted last month. September 1st Baby Blog Month in Review: August 2008 Isn’t it crazy the way babies grow so quickly? It seems that you just get used to one stage and boom they are already into another. Tonight, were busy getting the household all set for my eldest child’s first day of second grade. My two younger ones are excited and want to start school, too. It will be a busy month. September 2nd Babies Are Built to Say “Mama” and “Dada” First! Do you remember your baby’s first … Continue reading