Strength-Based Parenting

There are a wide variety of parenting styles to choose from. Parents can choose to raise their kids with the parenting style that they were raised with. Or, if they want something different, they can select a parenting style that matches their values and the needs of their kids. One option is called strength-based parenting. Lea Waters is the chair of positive psychology at University of Melbourne. She has written a book called “The Strength Switch”. The full title continues with “How The New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Your Teen to Flourish”. The book is … Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of “Shake it Off” Parenting

                What do you do when your child is upset? The answer to that question can be based on the parenting style that you choose to practice. One option is to comfort your child until he or she feels better. Another option is to tell your child to “shake off” the injury or emotion that he or she is experiencing. Parents that do this often feel it is a good way to help their child grow up. However, there are some hidden dangers to “shake it off” parenting that you should be aware … Continue reading

Tips for Parenting Introverted Kids

Do you feel that your child is exceptionally quiet? This can be somewhat confusing for parents who are naturally extroverted. How do you raise a child who is very different from yourself? Here are some tips to help extroverted parents raise introverted kids. What is an introvert? People who are introverted prefer to be by themselves (or, sometimes, with one or two very close friends.) Being in a crowd of people, or forced to attend a party, can be overwhelming to introverted people. To “recharge”, an introvert will need to spend some time alone. Extroverted parents might feel the need … Continue reading

Some Parents are Following their Teens to College

Students who graduate from high school are eligible to continue their education by going to college. These students are eighteen years of age (or older) and are adults. For whatever reason, there are now some parents who choose to follow their son or daughter to college. We have all heard of the phrase “helicopter parenting”. While some will argue that this parenting style provides certain benefits, many others continue to view it as less than ideal. A helicopter parent is one that swoops in and solves his or her child’s problems for them. That’s a great thing to do if … Continue reading

Mistake #2 Parents Make With Teenagers: Looking for Parenting Answers in Others

So far I have covered mistake #1 that parents of teenagers make, expecting the worse out of this stage of life.  The second mistake I am going to talk about is trying to find parenting answers through others. I know that sounds pretty strange, considering I am technically giving advice.  But at the heart of my message is this…every family is different, so you have to learn what’s best for yours. This doesn’t mean that help from others—whether it comes through books, seminars or blogs—shouldn’t be sought.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t be encouraged or inspired by others. But … Continue reading

I Couldn’t Do It Without Help

I am not one to get involved in politics. I have my own personal political views, but I tend to keep them to myself because I hate the contention it brings. However, some family members of mine got into a political debate and I couldn’t help but put my two cents in simply because it affects us as single mothers. There is a woman running for congress here in Utah who has said that she thinks that we should do away with all financial aid in regard to education. As a single mother this is frightening for me. I can … Continue reading

Is Parenting An Act of Service?

My husband and I were watching Elder Ballard’s talk last night titled, “Be Anxiously Engaged“. He spoke mostly of how much better the world would be if we were like the worker bees that worked together and were constantly doing our part to provide service to our fellow man. I totally agree. If we can find those people in need, and serve them, then our lives will be happier, and the world will be a better place. However, after the talk was over, I turned to my husband and asked him, “Does attending to every need my three small children … Continue reading

For Something Better

We all have to make sacrifices in life. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something good for something better down the road. This has become very apparent to me over the course of the last year and a half, but particularly over the last few months. When I got divorced I was faced with a very serious decision. I wanted to be on my own, but I knew that if I didn’t finish my last two years of school we would be barely scraping by for the rest of our lives. I wanted more for Logan so I sacrificed my independence … Continue reading

Help from a Support Group

It has been nearly eight weeks since I have seen or hugged my oldest son. Next week our family will be traveling to Texas to see him finally graduate from basic training with the Air Force. One of the reasons I have been able to get through these eight weeks is because of the support I have received. In fact, it’s another reason I am so glad that Facebook exists. Just before my son left for basic training, I looked online for a support group. I was led to an Air Force Moms Support group on Facebook. This group consists … Continue reading

Try Not To Worry So Much

From the moment your first child is born it seems that you are now started on a life of worry. You watch your child sleep and you can’t help but think what life would be like if something happened to them. As parents we worry about everything. When you become a single parent the worry increases. Now, added to the normal worries of every parent, you are plagued with worry about how your choices are going to affect your child. It’s normal to worry about your kids but too much worry is counterproductive. It takes you out of the enjoyment … Continue reading